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Damn it I'm supposed to be scary!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoogieMan, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Not that it's a new thing but in the last 3 months I've had an increasing number of small children waving at me!!!!

    Now for those of you who dont know me I'm a fairly big fella on a fairly big bike...

    but still they wave excitedly.....

    and admitedly I do wave back when I can and the look of excitement on their little faces is fantastic.

    How many of you get the kids waving?... And ven more so how many wave back?!.....

  2. lol so much for the wild one, chin up mate, if it makes you feel better, a little girl on a pink push bike gave me the nod the other day :LOL: realy!
  3. All the time and yes I wave back if safe to do so. They love it!
  4. Yep, and their mothers _hate_ it. Too much fun... :LOL:
  5. all the time on both counts, but hare people movers with kids in the back they wave you wave they wave n wave n wave n wave or start pulling faces
  6. Still amazes me how much young kids seem to love bikes, love givin em a wave :)
  7. Any one have kids motion you to pull a wheelie?
  8. I am only on my Ls but there is a kid in my neighbourhood who gives me a wave everytime he sees me. He also has the biggest smile on his face as he does so, and it only gets bigger when I wave back.
    His father never looks as pleased or enthusiastic though... :LOL:
  9. if its not to pull a wheelie on the bike(yet to do one yet) its to do burnouts at traffic lights which is a little stupid so dont do it...
  10. Hehe I get em all the time. On way home I was passing a kid on one of those motocross motorbike imitation push bike and he waved like crazy, so gave him the backwards wave as I passed. :cool:
  11. :rofl: :rofl:

    I recon they all think your Santa on his day off and there thankingyou for all the pressies they got :LOL: :LOL:

    and yes I wave too and it is great to see there faces light up and turn to mum/dad to say that bike waved at me :)

    good relations when there young makes future riders :wink:
  12. No one waves at me.......... :(
    Do I look scary?

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. For sure, wave at the kids :grin: and wink at the mums :wink:
  14. Kids 5 abreast in the back seats of buses, you bet!

    But you've got to make sure you look REALLY cool when you ride by :LOL:.
  15. That is what being a rider is
    Great Comraderie
    the bonus being the Nod's N waves as we ride around :grin:
  16. I havent been riding very long either, but it was one of the first things I noticed. Of course you wave back :) Makes me feel good also, so everyone is a winner.
  17. the little girl on the pink pushbike perhaps??? :cool: Thats hillarious :LOL:
  18. Li'l tackers loooove the bikes.
    When I ride down to the shops I quite often get toddlers pointing excitedly and announcing in a loud, squeaky voice "BIKE!" Then I wave and they get really excited.

    I don't think little kids really care what type of bike you ride either - if it has two wheels it's cool. :)
  19. I got a new one this afternoon ... kid in the back of a people mover, stops waving, reaches around and grabs the camera, then takes a snap of me just as I start to pull out for an overtake! I was like .. 'What the?' :LOL:
  20. Had to laugh at a little boy(about 3Yrs), his parents and baby sibling in the macca's carpark at Merimbula recently. He spotted the bikes (VStrom & SV) and with a cheeky grin ask to sit on the VStrom. His parents were shocked when we said that he could. The Smile was priceless! The next question was could he put the helmet on, but this was a stern no from his parents. As they were loading the kids into the car, the father turned around and said that if his son wanted a bike, he would hunt us down and kill us. Still laughing about it today. It really did bring a tear to my eye to see the excitement and enjoyment to this little fella. Hope his dreams and wishes come true.