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DAMN IT.....I stupid....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by DaRock, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. This feels like the best place to vent at myself amongst those that understand.

    I had an off this morning and I feel bloody stupid about it. Coming up on some lights in the wet this morning they turned amber and I started braking. It being wet I didn't wrench the brakes but kept squeezing evenly to pull up. With maybe 2 meters left to stop before the line my front end just lost it. I guess it would have been about the right spot for the road marking, and the typical oil spot, but I don't know. All I know is that there was no warning, no time to adjust, or ease off. Just whoosh, no bike under me. 8-[

    I had the sense to turn my body (thanks to some old Aikido training), and I only slid for about a meter or so, but DAMN what a stupid thing to let happen. I feel like I should have known better, or ridden better. I can't believe it. ](*,)

    Anyways, the bike isn't that bad. The right hand side of the fairing is scratched and broken in places, and there are minor scratches on the right engine cover and along the muffler. No major dings though.

    I've got a killer sore shoulder that I guess I should get checked out when I get around to it, but the thing I'm annoyed at the most is that my helmet hit the ground. When I say hit, it felt more like just scrapped along. My head felt perfectly fine (not even rattled), but I can't be sure it didn't whack the ground with some kinda force, so I guess I've gotta replace it. ](*,)

    Anyway.....thanks for listening to me beat myself up a bit. Hopefully I've learned a good lesson from it. Any crash you walk away from fine is a good crash though right.

  2. In my high side - I could have sworn my helmet didn't touch the ground - however the sc****s on it prove otherwise
  3. sorry to hear this mate. Glad you're ok.
  4. Ask Takamii for a quote, makes great helmets and is also int he safety gear business..
  5. and his gear has been personally tested ;)
  6. Did you get the shoulder looked at? my first drop/fall was at about 10-15kmh fell onto shoulder thought I broke something, rode on to work and had to knock off midday, went to docs said half torn a ligament on the tip of the shoulder. Make sure you get checked out ! bikes n bits are replaceable!!
  7. These little annoying drops, that can still hurt btw, have happened to the majority of us.
    And getting it of your chest here, is aok.

    Good that you are being self analytical, and honest with yourself. It's how we grow.
  8. sorry to hear about your off glad your ok.......i was angry about myself for 1/2 a day & I posted here, made me feel better & slowed me down, car & bike.

    dont worry about it, the main thing is your ok, & the bike is not a writeoff & you will learn from it.

    certainly better than you typing this from hospital or worse....shit happens all the time, next time just make sure its less likley that its happens to you
  9. Just say it man, you were practicing stoppies...
  10. Had this happen to me a few months ago. It happens so quick that you almost miss it. One minute braking for the lights and the next you sliding along the ground watching your bike slide past. Definitely not fun...