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Damn it feels good

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lornetkowiec, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hey netriders!! Just got my licence I'm so pumped, cant wait to get my first bike. Going to Parra this Sat to get all my gear and maybe take a few 250s out for a test run. Want to eventually end up commuting to work every day but I think I'll need some time @ mac uni carpark to hone my skills before I can brave the Sydney traffic...
    Love the forum so informative, looking forward to meeting/riding with many of you soon

  2. :woot: Congrats.
  3. Hello and welcome.

    Keep us posted on how you go out at Pazza this Sat. I'll be in your situation soon and am interested in how your procurement mission goes.
  4. Congrats and Welcome Aboard !
  5. Welcome :wink:
  6. :rofl:

    That was EXACTLY what I did pre-Ls for a long, long time. if you need suggestions of which car park to practice, let me know.. I know the bumps/ frequency of cars of each one! Also, if you go to the third level of the middle car park opposite the nursery, there’d be blue dots and lines drawn on the ground.

    Good for practicing your turns and cone weaves :p
  7. Welcome! Getting started sure is exciting :grin:

    Actually, it doesn't fade much over time :LOL:
  8. Congratulations !!
    Know the feeling... stay safe. Life will never be the same for you. :grin: