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Damn I love ebay!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. listed item with starting price $20, buy now price $30.

    Item sold at auction for $39! :LOL: :LOL: :roll:

  2. Last year we sold a $14.99 BoneyM CD for $52 + postage!
    Wish I had a box full of them. :LOL:
    Flame suit now on for the musical taste :wink:
  3. I bought a martial arts book for $24.99 last year, and put it on Ebay saying what I paid for it, had a link to a review site that (then) had it new for $18.00, put a buy it now of $16 and it sold for $48.

    Ebay is cool sometimes...
  4. Just after Xmas, I listed a polaroid camera for $20 minimun, 3 days before auction end I got an email asking for a buy it now, so I listed it as $39, cos I had 8 watchers. Similar cameras at the time were going for $30-$40. Ending up selling for $78 :shock:
  5. Yeah, you gotta wonder, huh?

    Missus is into Ebay big time. She put a treadmill on Ebay. It had a buy it now price of, say $200. However, people started bidding on it and quickly the bid price shot over that. She sold it for close to $400.

    When I drowned a mobile phone on a ride to Bright 3 years ago, I couldn't get it fixed. So I went on Ebay to see if I could get a second hand one. It was a Nokia 6385 CDMA. An excellent phone, but by then out of production.

    Saw quite a few of them. However, without exception every one of them went for over $600. Sure, they were good, but not THAT good.

    I ended up getting a Nokia 2280 CDMA phone.

    These idiots were getting into bidding frenzies. One chap had snapped up about a half a dozen of them at different auctions that I was watching. I couldn't help myself. I emailed the guy asking if he was cornering the market in Nokia 6385 phones or something. He said that he was buying them to replace Nokia 5110 GSMs because the GSMs had shit reception for his courier vans and the new CDMA phones used the same car kits. (had to get a CDMA antenna for each, though).

    I said to him that a Nokia 2280 and with a car kit fully installed would cost him less than what he was paying for those CDMA phones on their own. He would've been able to purchase all new phones and carkits and flog the old equipment on Ebay to help recoup the costs.

    He didn't reply to that....
  6. eBay is amazing when it comes to selling - especially when it's something that other want.

    I have a couple of wow stories:

    1) I sold a Garmin GPS a couple of years ago for $70 less than what I paid for it 5 years before that - I thought that was pretty good, cheaper than renting one :)

    2) I sold some car magazines for $50 plus postage - I was heading to the recycle bin with them

    I am sure that there are heaps of such stories out there :)
  7. Awesome... I have a 6385 sitting around doing nothing....
  8. Nice one Triway :)

    A few years back, I was looking for a cheap pc based surround sound set up.

    Some dude was selling one particular brand on ebay with a $1 starting price... they were available online elsewhere for $95, or about $130 in the shops. Most of these units went for well over $100. :-s :?

    One went for $270?!?!? :shock:

    I hate bidding against drongos who don't have a clue :roll:... good for the seller though.

    Oh well, like any auction, the deepest passions and deepest pockets win.
  9. We've had a couple of good ones.

    Lady sells 2 PINK concert tickets. 2 seats side by side.
    Tickets arrive and the seats are miles from one another. Let her know, said thats what was listed, it wasn't. Lodge a complaint with paypal and after a week or so, we get a refund.
    Seller makes no more contact and we've still got the tickets.
    Months later we listed them on ebay at the face value and sold the tickets at around $70 each. Nice little earner that one.

    Wife Buys a handbag and it comes with a free coin purse valued at $20.
    15 mins prior to the Auction finishing it was sitting at $34. 15 minutes after the auction ended the wife tells me that it sold for $127 :shock:

    She once also sold an empty perfume box for $90
  10. Yeah, I forgot this one. A few weeks ago the missus put an auction on Ebay for two clapped out garden sheds down the back. One guy grabbed one (both had buy it now prices of 99 cents on them). But he withdrew after winning the auction. He had a death in the family and couldn't make it down from Pukapunyal.

    Another guy had won the other one. When he turned up to pull it down we said that he could have the second one as well. How much do you want for both of them? He asked. I said, they're yours mate. Shithot. So he and his mate spent the afternoon pulling down and removing these sheds that I would have done if we didn't sell them and taken them to the tip and paid probably $40 to dispose of them...

    Now, what to do with the fence out front. Anyone want a couple of pallets of reddish bricks, still cemented in place???
  11. And in a month's time that's all it will be good for too, permanently...

    Who knows, though. Someone in the USA may be interested if it will work on their CDMA system...
  12. No - no-one is going to criticise you for selling tem.

    If you were buying then you've got a problem. :p :LOL: