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damn heat, i cant sleep

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete777, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. im not a summer person, gimme the cold weather. im drunk and still cant sleep cos its too hot (hence why im on this at this time of morning) i wish i had air con

  2. try attempting to go to sleep at 8pm ish so you can get up at 230 for work at 330am...

    this is hard, only had 3-4 hrs sleep last few nights...

    although i spent yesterday at bondi in the sun and drank alot of coronas so i kinda passed out last night
  3. I have and I think I will always have; a split-system air conditioner in my bedroom.

    It is the best monies you will ever spend.
  4. Then move down to Melbourne, it is f**king cold today, had to wear my winter kit on the way home from work this morning!
  5. [quote="[Freddy]

    Then move down to Melbourne, it is f**king cold today, had to wear my winter kit on the way home from work this morning![/quote]

    But at least in Sydney its usually either hot or cold, and not both in the 1 day :LOL:

    Air Conditioning is the bestest invention :grin:
  6. our house stays hot all night and into the next morning even if the next day is cold.
    i just have a $20 pedestal fan pointing at my bed. does the trick :D i find the heat makes me sleepy so i'm ok. i just get up about 3am to turn the fan off and then go back to sleep.

    i would agree that quality of sleep is better in colder weather though. and snuggling is awesome after a freezing cold afternoon/evening and you get into your bed with your electric blanket on 3 :D
  7. ive got one in my room, i crank it on full like all the time.. i live in the attic so its needed majorly.. gets like a furnace in there!....

    the ac dosent cool like it used to.. maybe about 5yr old... ive cleaned the filters.. anyone know if home ACs need regas?
  8. Ducted reverse-cycle aircon FTW
  9. Any a/c unit can drop or partially drop its refrigerant charge over time. Some are easier to charge than others though.

    There'd be a pair of hoses leading to the compressor outside. I think if its low on gas one of these can sometimes developed a ice coating, full on ice. Don't quote me though, I just hang around frigies in my work. :shock: