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damn cager turning

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by cygnus, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. So last night, around midnight, I was out with a couple of mates on a ride, and turning left from Boundary Rd onto Cumberland hwy, we were in the right hand left turn lane, car in the left hand left turn lane. So, 2 left turn lanes going into a 3 lane road.

    Now, there are no road markings, so I would have thought the best thing to do is, if you're on the left lane, enter into the left lane, and if you're in the right lane, enter into the right lane. Do not enter the middle lane. One of my friends, being someone who has been on the bike for less than a week, went into the middle lane. But the cager decided to do the same thing, almost taking him out.

    He then proceeded to enter the right lane. I saw this coming, and being already pissed off that he cut off my mate, I honked the horn, and rode past after he realised I was there. Anyways...just annoyed at how careless he was. He probably doesn't even know he almost took out my mate. Anyways...

  2. In a multi lane road turning left the left lane sticks to the left, the second lane to the second and so on… So whoever was on the left (sounds like the car from your description) is legally in the wrong.
    This $hit happens all the time. Most people on the road have no idea about there responsibilities.
  3. I'll bet that the cager had at least 1km to make his merge into the right lane too. Some people are either so incompetent or so rushed that they think they HAVE to get into the right lane (or whichever lane) straight away or else a fairy dies somewhere.
  4. Well if what FL says is correct, I have only seen that happen a grand total of about five times and usually when that happens it almost or does create an incident/accident. Common practise (and therefore common sense if you like living) for 2 into 3 lanes is outside lane always stays as outside lane and inside lane either stays left or moves to middle. I have only ever done it that way and only ever seen it done that way (with the exception of the five or so times already mentioned).

    While your friend may legally be in the right, in terms of roadcraft he certainly wasnt, and there is no advantage to be legally right if you're dead. If anything, i'd say your friend is more in the wrong than the driver is.

    You say your friend has only been riding for a week, has he only been on the road for a week as well?
  5. So that means if you're on the outside lane, you can go into the outside lane I guess.

    I think that's the thing, I've seen plenty of people turn left from either the inside or outside lanes into the middle lane, I just avoid it completely.


    No, he's had his drivers license for 6-7 years now, good driver too. I think he probably was worrying about controlling the bike more than having good road craft in this case.
  6. you might see it commonly, I certainly dont.

    from my experience, yes.
    if vast majority of road users conform to a common practice (particularly something which in itself is not potentially dangerous, but can become potentially very dangerous when not followed) someone who goes against the conformity is essentially in the wrong, regardless of what the law may state.

    or did he just stuff up the controlling the bike part and end up in the wrong lane? after 6-7 years of driving, intersection convention/protocol should be a fairly routine operation...
  7. I think the other thing worth mentioning is that particular intersection. The majority of the time that middle lane is used by people to turn right. If you took off from the lights just after him or if his mind was wandering then he probably would not have taken notice of you or assumed you were turning right. At the end of the day, turning left from the middle lane at that intersection is tough.
  8. riding in the west.... nuff said. Driving around Parra/livo is a pain.... I reckon its as bad as being stuck in the city...
  9. In a multi lane road turning left the left lane sticks to the left, the second lane to the second and so on

    Jason is correct, but this is one of the most disobeyed of all road rules.
  10. be that as it may, I'd rather go with the accepted and be upright in the outside lane than be sliding along the ground in the middle lane crying back "But you were naughty..."

    It's not a case of one road user doing it once but rather almost everyone doing it often, so a persons roadsmarts should tell them to do the same if they dont mind the whole living thing.

    i like the avatar by the way
  11. Just be aware that the cagers do not know you are there as they drive along ...and take appropriate precautions. Hope your mate learns from this.