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Damn cabs

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by carpetbelly, May 16, 2011.

  1. On the way home tonight from pulling some late work in the office... I see a cab having dropped off a fare. I think hmmm, knowing the cabs I've seen in Sydney I bet he's just gonna pull out without even looking or indicating.

    Unlucky for me I was right. Lucky for me I'd slowed down to buffer the cars to the left of me so I was in the middle of a gap if I needed it and got into the left wheel track of the lane I was in and keep my front brake covered. Low and behold as I'm nearly level he pulls out and I have to swerve into the next lane. Just glad the gap I had positioned myself next to was still there!

    I was rather miffed until he pulled level with me at the next lights and gets his window down and waves and shouts out how sorry he was. Cant be too angry about that, we all make mistakes.

    All this time though I thought I was a safe driver and really looked around a lot. When you're on a bike you really have to think so much more.

    Ill say this as well, if it wasn't for all the advice here that I've taken in I would have been hit by now that I'm sure of.

  2. Lucky you :S Had one attempt to merge into me today.... Hate them...
  3. Well done, good forward planning means you and your bike are fine.
  4. indeed, and have to say helped along no end from the other near misses I read about... normally I say learn from experience, though that's something I'm keen to avoid if I can in this case lol
  5. Sorry, I just don't believe that a cab driver apologised...

    Good call on your part though.
  6. Well done avoiding its good when you can see it coming and act, i had one ram into me from behind recently, never heard anything back from it.
  7. Fixed ;)
  8. Had a similar experience with a cab last Friday who decided to put his indicator on and merge at the same time a few feet away from my front wheel so I thought to myself "thanks for the advanced warning" .... which in turn also gave me an opportunity to use my new horn ... :)
    At the end of the day "they know not what they do" but it is a good reminder that I am not in a car thus it is up to me to look after myself.