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Damn Butterfly Effect (the cage version)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Definately seems like I'm cursed I'm now 2 weeks, for two stationary accidents. No one else could possibly have as many incidents as me, in motion or stationary. If fact I could probably just take one of those categories and beat anyone else at both categories.

    Had my right mirror taken off my parked cage this morning by a passing motorist. Only dicovered it when I went out to take the cage to be serviced. Naturally no one stopped to take responsibilty for it but I did find amoungst the wreckage of my mirror the glass from thier mirror so might break out the junior sherlock kit and start finger printing.

    Luckily I was going to get a rattle in hte dash board sorted out (third attempt by the dealer so it was all on the house) so I was going straight to the dealer, but still $60 for replacement mirror or $400 for replacement mirror and fittings is not something I needed on a vehicle that purely for work purposes. Its taking away valuable bike money.
  2. geeze matt.. maybe you need to take a holiday, somewhere with no people, cars, bikes or kangaroos.
  3. or butterflies! :D
  4. I have to have a chat to a certain 12 people about that....
  5. That really sucks! They say bad luck happens in 3's so maybe you should puncture one of your CAR tires and just get it out of the way. Anyway it's almost the end of the year so I hope the next one is more fortunate for ya!

    When I was living in a narrow street in Hawthorn there were a few parked cars with broken mirrors. Neighbours car had scratched and dented side panels too from someone reversing into it.

    I'd always park between the cars furthest out from the gutter.
  6. 12 cases of damage?
  7. I think we need to wrap you in cotton and put you in a big padded room. You AND all your vibes.
  8. so whats the list so far now matt?

    slide in corner
    thing with the bike last week that i cant remember
  9. 12 pollers
  10. time to get a dirt squirter mate, they're built to cop a stack or 5 :wink:
  11. ah i see

    definate case of mentally transfered Bad Karma then.
  12. 1. Collected with Kangaroo in the Grampians (wrote off bike and quite alot of damage to me, new respect for protective gear) ~Jan 2002

    1.5 Woman (I believe intentionally so) open her car door while I was lane splitting, catching my indicator and cracking my fairing June 2004

    2. Whitfield to Mansfield (way overcooked a corner and overshot it) March 2005
    3. Rear Ended getting onto the Monash waiting at the lights (whiplash and minor damage to arse of the bike) June 2005
    4. Rear ended by a woman on a mobile phone while on push bike waiting at traffic lights in Hawthorn on my way to pick up my car from its service. (pure annoyance) ~July 2005
    ----Tassie Trip Poll-----
    5. Dropped my bike off the paddock stand (right fairing and indicator damaged) Nov 2005
    6. Smashed right mirror while car was parked beside road Dec 2005
  13. So any of you Tassie Bad Karma 12 feeling guilty yet?
  14. matt, may I recommend chess, with pieces with soft, rounded edges?
  15. you gottabe due for some Good karma soon..... although that could be about the time i get a bike. :)

    Did i just jinx ya again??? (runs away cakling maniacally)
  16. Do Nerf make chess sets? :LOL:
  17. 1998 - (GF250SS) - Knocked over bike in carwash... damnit
    1999 - (GPX250) Cage driver reversed into my bike - fairing/mirror/indicators/stand bent
    2001 - (VFR400RR) Truck driver reversed ONTO my bike - Frame/Fairings/Stand/Front forks/lights/miror,handles
    2002 - (CBR600F3) Bike Stolen - Recovered 2 weeks later, extensive damage to left hand side.
    2003 - (GS500e) (two days after I got it) Someone knocked over my bike and drove off, minor damage
    2003 - (GS500e) 2 weeks after the last time, Someone knocked over my bike and drove off, same minor damage again.
    2004 - (GS500e) Tram lines are slippery - Right knee buggered, Mirror, Indicator
    2004 - (GS500e) Woman reverses into bike in a car lot and DOESNT drive off
    2005 - Nothing so far....
  18. Can I play nurse - please - can I? (she says with an evil grin) :p
  19. Only if you furnish an extra-large, refrigerated thermometer.
  20. Loz, you are evil!