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damn bricks in the road...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by carpetbelly, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Ahh the joys of having moved house... it's now night (at the time this happene last night lol) and lightly raining. Thought, hmm, should ride back to my old place to finish the tidying.

    So, roads im not familiar with, but riding down, wipe my visor as Im going, next thing I know Im sliding and with the bike sliding on top of my ankle.

    Seems my bars are bent but nothing else at first glance this morning looks to bad. Need to check later after tidying the old place. And swap the bars around.

    At least even through all that, and the nasty limp I've got from straining my ankle and pulling my groin I still went over and moved this brick from pretty mcuh themiddle of the road.

    Im just grateful I was coming to a bend in the road... Already slowing down and wiping my visor because of it. So at least I dont think I was doing more than 40kph.

    And I can say I've had a bit of an off now so do I get a badge? lol
  2. Fark! Unfortunate. I take it there wasn't a trail of bricks you could follow to the source?
  3. sorry to hear about your off... yes you do get a badge.


    I think....
  4. Sorry to hear mate... maybe it'll speed up some of the mods you've planned ;)

    Get well soon!
  5. Damn that sucks. I hope you heal up quick.

    This morning I saw a lump of cement on the road, on the RH wheel track, which was actually similar in colour to the bitchumen making it hard to spot.

    I did a u-turn and parked nearby so I could remove it from the rd, but alas, one of the cars in the next bunch driving through hit it before I could. Popped tyre at the very least, didn't have time to stop and chat as I was already late for work. If a motorcyclist hit it, it would have ended similar or worse to the above as it was a 70km p/h zone.
  6. Thanks peeps... Saying that, I am very very thankful though. At the end of the day for even a 40kph injury a sprained ankle and a pulled groin isn't too bad.

    Haha indeed... Already ordered a new set of lights, MT-03 style. And the RX2 Koso guages. And luckily for me my mate with the spare bars dropped them off and swapped them out for me. Just gotta put the grips on which I've got. But the joys of having moved house, all my craps in boxes and cannot find my lube to do it with lol or even the soap >.<
    Ahh well, ill have a look again in a min.

    And shame, but no, no line of bricks leading to the culprit :(
    Dunno what I would have done though, walking like a gimp isn't really going to scare anyone lol
  7. Too much information... way too much!
  8. Mate, I wouldn't spend too much time looking for the soap. Never mind how I'd know.

    Sorry about your off. That isn't good. Hope you get it all fixed again soon.

    I put together a very ambitious (as in Your ambition outweigh your talent, did it?) pass on a semi in the middle of Balina once, and as I came past the driver's door, about to give him the bird, @ ~$1.20 / 60, I ran over something, which may well have been a brick. It was about the right size. I don't think the bike got more than a foot off the ground, and I was only about the same distance again above the bike, and I thought the one-handed weaving flying W scramble that followed didn't quite justify the extensive use of many million watt driving lights and air-horns, but I got them anyway.

    Oh, and that brick? You can keep it, thanks. I actually had a couple left over.
  9. My thoughts ha :D

    That's filthy.

    Sorry to hear about the off. You seem to have taken it pretty well though, in your stride i daresay.

    Hope the bike recovers soon... give it some bed rest, it'll sleep it off.
  10. Sorry about your mishap mate, take it easy and get well soon.
  11. I was riding a scooter along the Monash Highway and went over a brick with my back wheel, I went a couple of inches off the seat in the air, and just kept riding. The scooter was riding a bit funny, had a look at the lights and it seemed ok. The next day, I discovered I had buckled the rear tyre rim, and cut a big hole in the tyre.