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DAMMIT!! Scratched! (no 56k)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DRMAT, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Well my bike had its first fall yesterday morning but had nothing to do with me (fortunately?). Had it parked out the back at work where we have a 4 car carpark, i parked it right up next top the back of the practice and cars had come and gone all morning without problem... even a tank Bentley Continental GT managed to get in and out without going near the bike... but then my last patient leaves and 2 mins later comes running back in to tell me he's 'knocked' my bike. So thinking he'd just nudged it i came out ot have a look but on seeing the bike standing up in a different spot to where i left it my heart sank. Sure enough he'd backed straight into it knocking it over into a wheelie bin then it fell. *sigh* So much for keeping it pristine.
    So the tnak is scratched up from the wheelie bin, bit of paint taken off the left hand fairing where his car hit it but the right hand side fairing has some deep scratches into the plastic. Fortunately there was no damage at all to bar ends, levers or mirrors. So now i need to find a good repairer for quotes... see thread in relevant area.... so sad.... :cry:

  2. Shucks that must have sucked. I feel ya dude. I had an incident where I lend my friend ride my Hyosung GT250R (He just got his license) in Uni. He rode the bike (very unsteadily) and went round the bend and the next thing, I heard a loud bang. I ran as fast as I could and there it was my beloved (less than 200kms at that time) bike on the floor.

    Guess what? He stopped the bike, tried to reverse it. Couldn't. So got off the bike without the stand and voila. ARGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    Lesson learnt: Never EVER lend your friend your bike. Even for a 10 sec ride. :)
  3. drmat,

    I dropped mine a lil while ago. The cost of replacement fairings is $220 per side (lower side where yours is damaged) and thats painted stickered up. The upper side fairings (the ones that join at the front where the headlight is) are $190 painted.

    Maybe keep that in mind when you go to get repair costs.
  4. Ahhh ok thanks Bambam... it'd only be the one lower side that would need possible replacing, the other side there is no physical damage. Did you just order them through a Hyo dealer like Peter Stevens?

    Quarks: Ahhhh no need to worry about that... aint no-one els ebut me going to be riding my baby, aside from me being anal about it (same with cars) the insurance only covers me as a named rider anyway and i wouldn't risk it.
  5. yeah just ordered then thru peter stevens. Actually that was about a month ago! This thread reminded me to call em and see wtf is happening with them. Found out that theyre not due here till mid january now!!!

    Oh, if you do go in to order one, do yourself a favour and order yourself a spare clutch cable to keep at home. (or in your bag) Cos WHEN it breaks youll be mighty pissed off when they tell you they dont have one and WONT have one for another 6-8 weeks! Was speaking to a peter stevens mech today and he said they had 40 on back order for customers!!!! They just dont seem to be up to standard. I ordered 2! haha
  6. Thanks, will check it out.. i've had my tinted screen on order since two months ago now!
  7. Ouch! scratches look the worst on black! :cry:
  8. Took the bike for quotes this morning, will get them this arvo.
    Apparently everything on the Hyosung is fairly cheap to replace except for the forks and the tank. The tank is $2200 by itself and forks are $1200ea as a complete unit but as bambam said already a side fairing painted etc is only $220. If it ends up being repaired/ repainted i think i'll desticker it at the same time.
  9. That why I park on footpaths
  10. ouch dude! :cry:
  11. Replace the fairings??????????????????? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Dood, seriously get the suckers painted!!!!!!!!

    No need to replace the fairings, you are only making the Koreans rich by doing so.
  12. yeah but the cost of replacing vs the cost of repairing it very well may not be worth it. Then you also got the issue of colour matching and new stickers if you want em. $220 gets you a brand new fairing walready paintd and stickered.

    Having said that, ive been waiting for my replacements now for over 3 months! Friggin Peter Stevens!
  13. Bike is still at the repairers cos the insurance company is dragging their feet... the bike is stripped and ready to go just about, just waiting for them. Bambam... AFAIK the repairer already has my new fairing ready to go, said there wouldn't be a wait at all... might pay to give PS a call, they might have forgotten you.

    Vic: Other guys insurance is paying for it as well as the reasons Bambam said, they did knock back replacing the minor marked one, said to repaint.
  14. Sigh I hate insurance companies.. I reckon if I saw someone damage my bike I wouldn't even bother with claiming it, in a fit of rage I'd pull out the nearest traffic sign pole and threaten to beat them to death if they didn't give me enough for 2x the cost of repairs just to be sure, and then some for the inconvenience. After they gave it to me I would then beat them to death. Seems fair to me. :twisted:
  15. Well i FINALLY got my bike back on Tues... was actually ready last Sat but i didn't fancy my first ride in over a month being in the rain so got it when i could. John at Custom Bike Repairs did a fantastic job... excellent person to deal with, kept me up to date the whole way through and looked after me and the bike looks great! I actually got him to desticker/ not replace stickers and fit my tinted screen for me while it was there.

  16. :shock: That really looks the business without the stickers!

    More of a streetfighter now!! :D
  17. Dude that looks hot without the stickers! Can't wait to get my de-stickered one from the shop now.

    I'm almost wishing I had bought a black one now. :)