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Damm internets capped

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kryt, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. What do?!?!

  2. bash: What do?!?!: command not found

    [коннор@localhost ~]$question --Verbose repeat

    Jokes aside, please expand on both your problem and request.
  3. If was to hazard a guess and assume you're asking what I do when my net is capped, and how do I survive the whole horrific ordeal.

    I go to the node website, I buy a datablock for a few bucks, then I'm happy until I run out again.
  4. i was just complaining about internet being capped, and what can i do in the mean time.
    damm you juzzydee, telstra is fail
  5. It's only halfway into the month! Just how much p0rn have you been downloading?
  6. Most ISP's start the 'month' on the day you sign up with them, instead of the calendar month. This helps spread the load, rather than having everyone's cap tick over at the same time and start downloading loads of junk.
  7. It's not that hard to got over a limit, I have blown 130 gig in 7 days, but thankfully i stay at 1mbit when over.

    Kryt - try making your own p0rn instead of watching it, or here's a really out there idea. GO FOR A FKING RIDE!!!
  8. love it
  9. cap is 22nd each month i got capped like a week after >.< 25gb FTL, cant ride dont have my bike yet lol
  10. Check new Telstra Bigpond plans - 25gb doesn't exist any more, you can go to 50gb for $20 less per month. I changed mine and they gave me full 50gb cap. Not even prorated like they usually do.

    Suggest logging into Bigpond and changing plan. Telstra plan #win. Telstra communication #fail.
  11. Telstra have 100gb and 200gb plans, just give them a ring and say you want to change plans!

    Their recent plan updates have actually made them fairly competitive (if you aren't at an exchange with a DSLAM other than Telstra ie).
  12. wow didnt even know they changed all thier shit, no email or anything GG
  13. phark mate, I wish I had adsl2, I live on the outskirts of melb and although I live in a new sub-division, I can only get adsl cause we all have pair gain wiring down here, PHUCK YOU TELSTRA AND YOUR COST CUTTING METHODS YA CHEAP BASTARDS......

    (I feel better now)

  14. why would they email? that would be far too helpful.

    i read books when there's no net / capped.
  15. what's a book?
  16. I've just churned back to Telstra/Bigpond from AAPT, who couldn't resolve a 96% packet loss issue after 8 weeks!

    Telstra plan is for home phone on unlimited local and STD calls plus free calls to any Telstra mobile, 100gb ADSL2, all for $128/month.

    All the ISP's are robbers, though: talking to my Dad about it today I found that Optus have happily continued charging him $80/month for a massive 4gB, but no communication to tell him he could get 120gB/month for half the price ](*,)
  17. Pah, my ISP (Internode) sends me an general email whenever the plans change, and a specific email when my plan specifically changes. Just cause Bigpond and Optus do, doesn't mean every ISP does.
  18. whats telstra like in terms of downloading certain things and copyright infringement notices etc... iprimus has never sent me one, but people i know on tpg receive them.. im thinking about switching but i dunno