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Damged front end on a GSX750F

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Rocs78, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post, although have been a member for about 9 months and read the forums regularly.

    Today on my ride home from work a dog ran out from a concealed driveway and right into the path of the bike, try as I might I was unable to stop or doge the poor thing (I was already partly leaning into a corner, was doing around 60km and the dog appears within metres of me).

    Sadly fido did not make it, thankfully I did. Unsure of how I managed to stay on as the impact was so great that it flung me forward and my helmet shattered the front screen on the bike.

    The damage to bike appears to be confined to the front forks. The front wheel is now just touching the lower fairings (normally I think there is about a 2 or 3 inch gap). This too me sounds like the forks have been bent.

    Now the question I have is (and its probably a silly one): Are the front forks expensive to replace? I have full insurance on the bike, but have a $500 excess and it may also effect my no claim bonus later on. Am I best to looking at getting this repaired myself or would insurance be the best idea here? (note: no fairings were actually damaged in the collision)

    My bike is a 1999 Suzuki GSX750F.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts people might have!

    Oh as a side note as well, the owners grabbed the dog and took him away to the vets before I could get any details from them..... (so I will be stuck with the excess from the insurance company)
  2. depends how handy you are with a spanner, i would go to suzi and price a set of inner tubes (which are the part that will of bent) should be around 120-150mark for the pair, then just pull the forks aparts and rebuild them, if they have a few km on then through in new fork seals, and job done.....send it too a shop and i still reckon you could get it done cheaper then your 500, also depends if there is any other fairing damaged
  3. Personally i wouldn't go through insurance for a 10 yo bike unless another vehicle was involved. Stewy's advice is good.

    Alternatively, you might be able to get a complete front end from a wrecker for the price of new factory tubes, which would make for a quicker, simpler swap and a pile of potentially useful spare bits.
  4. Thanks for the reply's guys.

    I am not all that mechanically skilled (electrical is not a problem as well as simple oil / plug changes). I am going to get it to the smash repair shop down here and will ask them what it will cost - its it near to the excess then I will just pay for it myself, if its way over (and I think a found some fairing damage this morning) I will let insurance take care of it.

  5. How bad is the bend? Can the fork tube be straightened in a press? ( we straighten forks at work, not sure at what point they are considered beyond repair though)
  6. General rule used to be that if there was any kind of crease or kink, the tube was scrap. Gentle bends were mostly repairable.
  7. The bike is getting picked up on Monday by the Smash Repair shop in Canberra. They will assess it and let me know. I have also noticed that the front wheel is no longer straight and the fairings do have a crack in them......

    Still just happy to still in one piece myself!!

  8. Sounds like it's time for a complete, used front end if you can find one. A rebuild with all new factory parts is likely to be expensive enough to write off a 10 yo GSX.