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Damaged wheel rim - repairable?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Nick, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Has anybody had any experience of repairing a damaged wheel rim? I hit a pothole at high speed which caused the damage shown below - the tyre is still holding pressure OK so the bike is rideable. Is this a DIY task, give it to a pro or do I need a new wheel?

  2. Wow, amazing it bent that much without cracking.

    I'd start pricing 2nd hand rims from wreckers. Cast Al alloy is not something that's easy to repair, at least not without running the risk of it failing later due to an unseen crack.
  3. Technical term for that is
    You Fuucked it.

    You gotta buy a new one .

    Steel rim could be re rolled but thst was so long
    Alloy well , mate its broken proper

    Ok seems technology has changed , soz.
  4. Hmm. Not sounding good so far. Looks like I'll be on to the breakers tomorrow.
  5. All may not be lost. If you can take it to a mob called ACE wheels in Mordialloc and get their opinion on repairing it. They specialise in repairing alloy and steel wheels. With all the pot holes around these days they are getting a lot of practise. You may be able to get an answer by emailing your photo. Give em a go, could be worthwhile.
  6. Thanks for the tip. They're not too far from me so fingers crossed.
  7. If they can't do it maybe the alloy rim repairer in Heidelberg can, they have done two for me with great results, can't think of the name ATM google it

  8. Bugger, that must have been a hard knock mate. Wearing your balls as earrings for a while.

    Ps, sorry to have dropped off the planet somewhat of late, but I'm still about buddy. Long long time no see!(if I have the right fella)

    All the best

  9. Hi Cam, yep you got the right fella. It was indeed a bit a bang and the bike took something of a sideways step when I hit it - surprised I didn't get more damage to be honest. Happened on the way from Powelltown up to Noojee in the fast sweepers - just like most roads nowadays, it looks like it's used by the air-force for bombing practice!
  10. Damn thats pretty big.......it would be safer to replace and maybe cheaper as well. Bugger, that could happen to anyone...........good thing you didnt come off.............hope your not riding the bike around like that, id hate to happen when the front wheel deflates at speed.............

    Good luck with the repair/replace........
  11. Its definitely possible to repair alu wheels. Just take it to a specialist and he will have it done for you. Could be a bit pricy though...
  12. I had a bigger one that that rolled out after a rear-ender. Can't remember the exact cost, but it wasn't too pricey. The rim has to be heated, though, so will probably bugger the coating. Factor in a repaint if you're concerned about appearances - I wasn't.
  13. I don't know about anyone else, but with the amount of metal fatigue and stress the wheel had been under, I am not sure I would want to ride on it, even after it has been repaired.
  14. It was a single impact, so fatigue doesn't enter into it. As long as there isn't any fracture, the heating involved in straightening should take care of any residual stresses.
  15. I assume you mean Neway Wheel Repairs.

    Have heard they do good work there. Haven't got work done there myself due to my wheel being too far gone to even attempt to repair. They were straight to the point. They are busy so not sure what the turn around is.

    If they can't fix it, go across the other side of Waterdale Rd on Mologa Rd to Vic Motorcycle Wreckers to see how much a second hand wheel costs :).
  16. I don't usually quote third person "stories".. but one of the brokers at where I work said he knew of a guy that successfully got the council to pay for the damages to his damaged (car) rim caused by a pothole.

    The entire stretch of road was repaired very quickly too...

    Not sure how reliable that is, but a mate of mine stacked it on his bicycle when his tyre got wedged between a crack in the road, and focked his bike up real good... A letter, drs report and a few photos later, he got a new bike, helmet and had his medical expenses paid - This I can vouch for.

    Councils like any business, are insured.. and injury/damages to third party person or property is a liability case... and generally insurers need to respond when a letter of demand is issued to the insured by a third party. I say generally, because policies can vary quite substantially.
  17. +1.

    I'd chuck it. Riding on a repaired wheel would change "I'm having so much fun riding" to "fcuk, will that wheel hold?? :( "
  18. Ok I have a slight dent on the edge or my rear wheel near where the tyre seats. Does anyone know of a wheel repairer prefereably in Newcastle or Central Coast, or secondly in Sydney? It's a 97 GSXR600 wheel.

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  19. Promac Engineering in Cardiff do car wheels give them a call to see if they can roll out dents on bike wheels. promac-machine-shop
  20. Laurie Alderton in Sydney straightened a wheel for me last week....
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