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Damaged Speedo cable with front Wheel lock

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by TANNER ONE, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Hey,

    I am literally the newbiest of newbies. I have just acquired my Learner Licence and first bike, a Honda v25.

    This morning I got on to start it and rolled it forwards slightly forgetting the front wheel lock was still on, when i reralised i rolled slowly back, not noticing the speedo cable had caught on it pulling it away from the attachments as well as stripping the protective covering.

    I didnt look at it in detail had to head to work, so left it at home.

    Im concerned about damage i may have done to the connector to the wheel, will have a proper look when i get home.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for what i should be looking at in terms of damage? Ive ordered a replacement cable which will take until next weekto arrive, should I just have someone else look at it since Im the last person that call himself a bike mechanic haha :(
  2. No stress mate, we all make mistakes. I've broken my speedo cable on the Monster before. New cable on and she's good to go. I'd be happy to have a look at it for you depending on where you live. Can't see it in your profile though ...
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  3. haha yeah, embaressing but im calling it a lesson well learnt :)

    Im in Sydney, thankyou for the offer anyhow much appreciated. I will call roadside assistance to come check it tonight, just to see if its sweet to ride for the weekend I had a good ride planned.

    I dont think ive done much damage just based on what i could see real quickly this morning.

    And thats my introduction to the fourm i guess. Stuffing up! haha
  4. If the road side assist is free, go for it. Otherwise, use it to learn :p Just check around the speed drive unit to see if there's any damage. A disc lock at low speed won't bend the bars or wheel and provided the axle is done up to spec, no chance of anything going crooked.

    The older Honda's are legends, I wouldn't stress so much!
  5. If you're that new to bikes, hook up with the L & P training sessions at Homebush, there'd be some knowledgable guys there to check your bike out as well.
  6. AcidTrip : Yeah just my usual NRMA roadside, which i had for my car. Sold that so just transferred it over to my bike rego today so i may as well. :)

    Lionz : thats my plan, is that the group that meets at Bennelong rd?
  7. Everyone's has one. On my first bike, a scooter I grabbed the accelerator while it was on the kickstand and knocked it over. Sometimes your rookie mistake is tiny like this, sometimes people end up writing their bike off on the way home from the dealer.
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  8. Ah just noticed you're in Syd. Thought you were in Melb for some reason. Iunno. Yeah come to a group sesh.

  9. Having never ridden before my uprights course which i finished last week ( and honestly didnt think it gave me enough experience ) I got my mate to ride my bike home from buying it. Since then actually went for a massive ride the next morning with him and feel alot more confident. Been aching for another ride hahaha.

    UPDATE :the bike rides fine but speedo isnt working, took it for a ride up and down my street to check. just waiting for the cable to arrive and will get it replaced and checked properly. eh. Lesson learnt haha.

    all my non riding mates have laughed their arses off thinking im an idiot.
  10. Glad that everything seems Ok Tanner, Welcome to the forums. Disk locks often catch people out. You can get a reminder lanyard to connect from the lock up to the handlebars which at least will give you a visual reminder.
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  11. Cheers, a mate actually suggested the same thing. Would prefer to keep using the wheel lock whilst parked at home, so might invest in that also.
  12. Pitbull terrier works better than a wheel lock
  13. Haha ill look into investing in one of those....