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Damaged new bike (all states)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hammo7, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Hey all.
    Just after a little advice/opinions please.
    Got my new bike a couple of weeks ago, was too over whelmed with the whole experience, that I overlooked a chip on the ducktail and a scratch on the left exhaust.
    This damage was noted by the bike carrier. I have asked the sales person about my options, and was basically told that there is very little I could do as it is very hard to move bikes around the bike shop without a little nick here and there. And he said tha tif they had noticed they would have fixed it. Well they signed the form to have it picked up, so they had to have known about the damage (one would think). Why didn't they inform me about the damage.
    Was a bit upset about this but didn't want to create a fuss as I still had to have some gear delivered. I am still having sizing problems with my gear, so have to return it, but I am also starting to get a little pissed about the whole bike damage thing. If I wanted to over look imperfections, I would have purchased a second hand bike....

    Has any one else had this sort of issue with buying a new bike interstate?

    Should I have to do a 700k round trip to have the damage repaired, have the bits removed and sent for repair and do without my bike, or just 'suck it up".

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tell them you are sending the bike back at their cost for a new pristine one as that is what you paid for & you have contacted the manufacturer & this is what they have told you to do!

    Damage in the shop is due to negligence nothing more or less!

    Do the same with the gear if it isn't suitable!

    A Current Affair love these stories!
  3. Are you going to ride it or look at it? If you're going to ride it then be prepared for stone chips, nicks and maybe even some roadrash.
  4. Port is right.

    Use the chips as leverage for some free shit or a free service, tyre etc.

    It isn't going to stay new forever. Stop being so precious ;)
  5. Still i wouldn't want a brand spanker to have one tiny scratch. Tell them if they dont replace it you consult with Fair Trading, about buying damaged "New" goods and you are entitled to get what you paid for.

    That dealership must be full of arseh*#es. I've seen damaged new bikes in showroom floors (small dent on tank from delivery) and they usually point this out and offer a discount, and someone who doesn't mind will grab themselves a bargain.

    You could ask for some discount or to throw something in to compensate otherwise say you'll hear from my lawyer haha.
  6. +1 what Vic said. If you work out a deal where you got a discount off your gear, or got a couple of free services, you could use the money you saved to get the bike repaired.
  7. so let me get this straight:

    - You saw the bike.
    - Signed a bit of paper to say there were no scratches on it (this is usually what happens with cars)
    - When the courier went to pit it up it had scratches.

    It's pretty clear to me the bike reseller has to get it sorted for you. If not it falls under you insurance who will recover the cost from the shop anyway.

    You signing off there were no scratches works for you as much as it works against you.
  8. How big is the chip and scratch?
    By the sounds of it they aren't noticable if you dont look for them, so is it really worth the headache because its going to get stone chips and minor scuffs and bumps, if you dumped 40K+ into a duke by all means fight it out but if your going to ride the bike i dont see much point pissing people off trying to avoid the inecitable.
  9. Thanks all for taking the time to post.
    First up, I don't think I'm being precious as I know the bike will get a few dings in it, but it will be stuff done while the bike is in my care.
    As stated, the bike was still in the crate when I put the deposit on it. asked the sales person if there was any marks/scratches and was told no.
    The whole transaction was done over the phone. I was in working in Brisbane when I came across it) I know that that is taking a risk, but the bike is new, so should be in new condition.
    I don't want to piss anyone off, but on the same oken, once I have my gear sorted out, I will never deal with these guys again as they are 350-400 kays away. I'll be getting all my service work done locally.
    If I had to sell the bike tomorrow, I will not be able to sell it in an as new condition - they will be bargaining chips for the next buyer (I know I've already done money on it as soon as it rolled off te floor, but that is expected).
    Does it really matter if it's a 40k duke, or a 4k CBR125, it's someones pride and joy.

    But, I also agree with you vic ('cept for the Precious bit, but I'll get over that! :wink: )

    Thanks for the sounding board, I feel better already!

  10. fcuken bullshit. Anyone who can't move bikes around without damaging them in the process should not work in a bike shop. Do they genuinely rely on volunteer labour from the local kindergarten or are they just stupid enough to believe anyone would fall for that line? :shock: I move our bikes around the shed all the time and niether of them have a scratch to show for it.

    Total fcuken bullshit. If you knock a bike hard enough to danage the ducktail and pipe it makes a noise that can be heard by all riders in a 5km radius, followed by the sound of co-workers shouting "You fcuking wanker, dopey, unco ****!" There is no question they noticed and no question that nothing was done about it.

    My opinion is that if you're paying for an undamaged bike then that is what you should get. I don't have part prices immediately available to me but at a guess I'd say it's $1000 for a new pipe and a couple of hundred for painting so you've every right to have it fixed at their expense (at the very least).

    Some will tell you that you'd ding it anyway so don't worry. I would bet that those people would change their tune very quickly if someone dropped/crashed into/kicked over thier bikes and gave them the same line. :roll: Bikes do get dinged but we can deal with damage we do ourselves as battle scars and blame it on our own stupidity. It's much harder on the other hand to live with damage caused by another party who tries to bullshit you rather than doing the honest and right thing. Scratches and dings will affect your resale value, so you have a right to compensation or rectification. :)
  11. I know I would NOT accept that kind of damage unless I was aware beforehand and bought the bike at a suitably reduced rate. If you paid the good dollars you should get nothing less than a perfect bike IMHO. I would be speaking to the shop owner and the manufacturer.
  12. You bought a NEW bike...not a slightly dinged up new bike. If it were me they would be fixing it or coming to the party with some $$$ so i could get it done locally...if the bike transport company noted the damage when they picked it up and it was a crated bike the dealer is the only one who could have done it...sometimes shit happens but to try and fob you off sucks arse. :evil:

    Tell em your not happy, it it comes to it be prepared to take it further...you PAID them for a new bike, why should you not get what you paid for... :?:
  13. If you dont intend on dealing with them again go for it, and the scratch and chip must be alot worse than the small scuff and tiny chip that i had in mind. What i meant by CBR125 v 40K bike is the latter will be ridden once in a blue moon and will never have a mark on it, where as the CBR will more than likely will be comuted on and will have marks and stone chips in it, not that one should be treated better than the other that wasn't my point at all.
    I do understand where you are coming from, ive just found it usefull not to burn bridges where at all possible.
  14. For sure, if somebody pushed my bike over, I'd get real shitty. That would probably mean busted plastics, new levers or pedals etc etc. But I don't believe we're talking about a bike being dropped / pushed over. I think we're talking about a bike shop that damaged a bike whilst getting it ready for delivery. Now it's hard to say exactly how damaged it is without photos, but the bike is still fully functional by the sounds of it.

    Hyperthetically the bike shop might have been giving some young kid a chance to pick up some skills in the industry (trainee for example). The unskilled kid could easily have bumped or knocked the bike without telling anybody for fear of being fired. These things happen.

    Now I'm not saying that you aren't entitled to get compensation for the fact that your bike wasn't delivered in showroom condition. But I wouldn't be that stressed about it personally.
  15. Actually Port, how the damage occured and by what staff member is totally irrelevant. The shop damaged the bike and admits that this is the case. He has every right to have the damage repaired at the shops expense. In fact it should have been repaired before it was sent out.

    Telling the customer that damage within the shop is unavoidable and nothing can be done is not only bullshit, it's fcuken rude and insulting. In the OP's position I'd be furious. Sure, it may be a small scratch that some people would just live with, but the attitude of the shop suggests they should be made to pay anyway. :)
  16. hammo7, I don't blame you for being pissed off..... :mad:

    Reminds me of a mate up in Townsville who bought a brand new Triumph Speedmaster from his local dealer.....Unbeknown to him it had been damaged...and then touched up (badly) on top of the front guard. It was only spotted after I'd been for a ride on it and was doing the right thing and giving it a wash.....My mate hadn't even spotted it.....

    I would've been spitting chips if it had been my bike..... :evil:
  17. I'm with u hammo7. I picked up my brand new bike this year. I had the luxury of having the dealership only 12km from home, so I went & inspected the bike prior to picking it up. When it was delivered to the dealership, it was on the showroom floor. I told the salesperson that I'm gonna spend some time looking over the bike. He was cool with that. Once inspected I asked him if he can take the bike to the back until I take delivery of it in a few days time. He was fine with that.
    On the day of picking it up, the salesperson gave me all time time I needed to give the bike one final inspection.
    I can accept the fact that I will cause scratches on my bike - it's self inflicted. But to pay full retail price for a brand newie that's scratched? No thanks.
  18. Thanks all again for the responses. I have been unavailable for the past few days so have not been able to reply.
    It's good to see all the different points of view and opinions.
    I'll be taking it up with the bike shop to see what they will do for me, and let you know what the outcome is.

  19. Hey All.
    Finally have a result tothe debarcle!!! YAY!!!
    I was told that I could pull the pipe off and send it to canberra and they would swap it over. I'm down in melb for the week (bikeless) so thought it would be a good oppurtunity to ship it up there.
    To cut a long story short, they didnt have a replacement, so gave me a very reasonable store credit instead. Very, very happy.
    Thanks to all those again.

  20. Good to hear it's resolved :) , if your reading this and you got shafted stick to your guns, you deserve what you paid your hard earned money for...nothing more nothing less