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Damage Using Unleaded Fuel

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wobbler, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Need advice,

    I recently got stuck and had to put in about small amount of regular unleaded into my new GSXR-1000. It would have been about 1 third unleaded to 2 thirds Premium.8-[8-[8-[

    I did about 100 k then topped it up with Premium and kept topping it up until i got home. I then then siPhoned the tank MT and filled it up with premium.

    The temp gauge seemed to be fluctuating madly for that 100 k but this has now settled down and is behaving normally.

    Would this have damaged the engine in any way.
  2. No.

    Message lengthening characters.
  3. :D sorry about having a giggle, bud! Hehe

    All you did was to put in a lower quality of the right kind of fuel.

  4. Um, we only use unleaded in the bike shops. The Gixer can run fine on 95 anyway.
  5. Thanks for the info bretto61 but i think it might have been 91 RON and any ideas re temp gauge fluctuating madly
  6. Preignition would be the cause. Low octane fuel in a bike no designed to run could create a bit more engine temperature, was your bike pinging under load?
  7. maybe, nothing to bring it to my attention. any longterm damage
  8. That would be my call. If you don't have a choice and have to run 91. Don't load it up. Wind it up smoothly. Try and keep it in the mid range. Pre ignition is a killer. If you can use the wet mapping. Or #1 I think.
  9. i would think it would pick up on pinging and kill timing.
    as for the temp gauge, engines don't run at a single temp. smee's suggestion of different combustion temps sounds likely
  10. It depends on whether you put the regular unleaded in the tank, or the radiator...