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Damage to helmet to much?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Horlicks, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Id had an off about 2 weeks ago and my helmet got abit scratched up, and was wondering if the amount of damage/scratches to it is a replacement job?

    What you guys think?

  2. Will make a great trophy, but that's all. Time for a new helmet, I'm afraid.
  3. Sell it on eBay

    I'm kidding.... Replace it.
  4. sell your pubes on ebay, toss the helmet.

    tis ok to drop one but when theres a head or brick in it at the time, thats when the damage happens.

    u can get it tested but that causes stress. just get a new one and toss the other so you wont be tempted to put it on the head of a pillion.

    stump it up! :cool:
  5. put a watermelon in it and shoot it. i rekon that would be pretty cool
  6. start a collection
  7. The helmet is probably ruined. The foam has probably compacted where it was hit so it won't offer the same protection if you hit your head on the same spot again.
  8. Bin It. Time 4 a new one
  9. Don't forget to cut the straps, it reminds people not to use it if they find it somewhere. It also cuts your temptation to throw it on a pillion.
  10. the best course of action is to replace it, with the best quality helmet you can afford.
    using a dinged up helmet wont kill you, but falling off with a dinged up helmet may not provide for adequate protection the second time around (helmets dont kill, crashes do).
    cutting the straps is good practice.
    and as wardie said, start a collection!
  11. Good idea! [​IMG]
  12. Cheers for the advice guys.. I ended up buying a new one today after nearly all have told me that a new one is the right way to go.
  13. good move on replacing it.....basically IMO if it gets a mark from a off, it needs to be replaced, as at some point it has hit something

    cheers stewy