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Damage Repair

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Joff, May 2, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to know if someone could give me a rough quote on what I'd be looking at to repair my 2002 Kawasaki ZZR-250.

    Unfortunately it was dropped at low speed in a driveway, not by me! The right hand fairing is scratched up and I'm wanting to know if I can have it buffed out somehow (although the scratches are pretty deep) or how much it is to replace a fairing.

    There's also little scratches on the clutch lever, right peg and exhaust. Should I bother fixing these? (or is there a cheap way of getting it up to scratch, pardon the pun)

    I'm looking to sell it ASAP so I want to get it looking good as cheaply as I can.

    Thanks for any advice/help,

  2. The clutch lever, if not broken you should still be able to use. Likewise for the pegs. If you really want them replaced then you should be able to pick up those parts from the wreckers for about 15-20 bucks.

    The exhaust can be re-skinned for about $100 or you can get them to buff it out.

    Fairing damage is a fickle thing. Without looking at, there is no real way to tell how much it could cost. Your options are to go to a plastic welder and they will bog it up and maybe re-paint it.

    Maybe post a picture to give us all a better idea of the damage.

    www.photobucket.com is a good place to start. :)
  3. Cool, I'll post some photos once I get her back from sevicing.
  4. Adds character :)
  5. Doesn't look too bad mate. Not even cracked from what I can see. I would say they would just sand that back and respray it. Can't give you any info on how much that would cost but its certainly gonna be a lot cheaper than a new fairing.
  6. Or you could drop it on the otherside, and make it look the same on both sides, and then say it is part of the design/style :p

    I would just take it to a respray shop, and they will be able to tell you weather it will be worth getting it fixed up or if it will look sh*thouse with a bit of bog and respray. :wink:
  7. Thanks for your input guys.

    Now can someone recommend a good place to go for a quote?

    I'm in Camberwell, Melbourne but can travel a bit of necessary.
  8. Original finish is the place you want to go, theyre out in boronia but the guy really did a great job when i had my old CBR 600 fixed. He got it back to new, and when i look at the cost of fixing the panels compared to replacements from honda, i reckon i did pretty well

    Another possibility is Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers, you might want to ring them and find out how much they'll charge for a replacement fairing panel


  9. Another good place is Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings in Spotswood, they do great work too and are cheaper if it's not an insurance job. They can also make you replacement stickers for your bike on the spot.

    They did a mate of mine's GSXR750 after a big prang and you'd never know now that it happend...