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dam 4X4 drivers: down i go...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fitryder, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. I’m a bit shaken up as this only happened about 30min ago…. I’m so thankful for all those who offered assistance including my boss who rushed up with the first aid kit (I was going for lunch) and my mechanic who instantly came and got the bike. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by such good friends.

    So what happened? I was crossing the Princess Hwy on Jubilee Av. I was behind a 4X4 and as he went across the lights went yellow so another 4X4 that was turning right from the other side of the road decided to gun it to make the lights.

    Something tells me he didn’t see me…

    I missed him by less then 1meter and in the process somehow ended up on the ground, I don’t know weather I locked the rear or front. The bike just went and I went with it.

    I slid for a good 4-5m through the middle of the intersection. Thank goodness I was wearing all my gear, I almost didn’t because this was just a 5min ride to the shops.

    Damage to me, I still have a very grazed right knee but the Kevlar in the jeans held up very very well. Its also pretty frozen as it took almost all the impact when I hit the ground. I’m waiting for the to swell.. yay..

    Damage to the bike. Broke screen, broken H frame, rear brake leaver bent, front brake leaver gone, RHS fairings scratched to buggery . But apart from that she is ok, if I decided to get the fairings sorted then that will be the most expensive thing.

    Im holding out on the forks tho, they didn’t look 100% straight…

    Worst part of the wanker of a 4X4 driver didn’t stop and no one got their plates.

    Whats done is done, im thankful im ok.

    So guys I just want to say, wear your gear! You never know what will happen and where! And also, really slow down across those intersections. I had my brakes covered and thank god I did or there is no doubt I would have hit him.

    Well that’s my story, I have white water rafting and bowling tonight, im sure mr alcohol will alleviate any pain I might suffer later :]

  2. Hey Jake sorry about your off.

    Pity the guy didn't stop but I think that even if he had stopped you had SFA against him.

    It have happened to me before that someone turning right have been centimetres away of hitting me, but it has been mostly my fault for my positioning.

    You have to be very very careful going through intersections even when you have a green light or the right of way, specially if there are no other vehicles coming behind you as sometimes the person waiting to turn is in a hurry and they just go without checking twice. I know is not fair but that is the way it is.

    As a rider is your responsibility to make yourself visible and to achieve this you have to position yourself correctly, specially if you are riding behind a large car, truck or 4wd.

    Another dangerous one when riding behind large vehicles is people changing lanes after the large car/bus/4wd passes them assuming that the gap between that vehicle and the one behind the bike is just that, a gap. so is in your own interest to move around in the lane, modify the gap, make yourself visible and always expect the worse.

    I hope you heal up quick.

  3. Sorry to read about your off mate, have you been to the doc's to get everything checked out, since you said that there is swelling, maybe good to check for anything broken as you will be still on a high from coming off.

    All the best with the bike too. Do you have insurance?

    Cheers Lou
  4. glad to hear you are ok mate. so you were going straight ahead and the 4x4 turned infront of you? bugger. sounds to me like you locked up the front if the bike "fell" beneath you.
  5. chick's right, don't worry about the whitewater rafting and stuff, get to a doc or A&E and get yourself checked, the knee espacially. And as I have said time and time again, wear something UNDER kevlar jeans; the burns from the kevlar are nearly as painful as the rash from the road......
  6. Feel sorry for you mate, but i'm glad to hear you ok. I know how you feel as I had a few accidents before, one recently, have a look in my signature...

    I think that's why I'm always scared of stay too close when following anything, could be a car or a bike, I try to always be prepared for the worse.

    Take care mate and hope ur bike doesn't take too long to be fixed.
  7. Commisserations man. I feel for you.

    Glad you're mostly ok. Bugger you locked up and dropped the bike.

    The longer you ride, the more "attuned" you become to riding in "shadows". The car ahead seemed to have obscured you from the other car while you approached an intersection... major warning bells scenario in my mind. Especially with an orange light and the liklihood someone will want to race the red...

    Anyway, thank goodness this is an experience you can learn from. :)

    What will you do differently next time bro?
  8. Everyone runs the red in Sydney, even in the gentle climes of The Shire :roll:

    Rob's right; it's often the 'masked' vehicle that gets you. A month or so ago I was nearly taken out as I went round the back a car as he was turning left into a sportsground; there was a car coming OUT the same gate to turn left (the direction I was going). He didn't see me, and I didn't see him till I was already past where he would have hit me.
  9. Wow, that's frighteningly similar to what happened to me in April last year. The only difference being that I "snuck up" on the 4WD from behind - right before it decided to make a U-turn. Totalled my Across in that one, too.

    Glad to hear you're more or less ok, and your bike is fixable.

    Something must be in the air today. I just saw a taxi crash right before my eyes about half an hour ago :shock:
  10. hey guys, thanks for your concerns

    i bandaged up my knee and had one of our trainers, she is an ex nurse check it out.

    just got back from rafting which was great but received some bad news from the mech... forks are bent... fairings need replacing and the exhaust system was bent in pretty bad.

    my bike was $4000 and at my age didnt bother getting full insurance. Ill just fix up just what i need, not even get fairings, as in a few months im off my P's and will just use the cbr as a thing to get from at to b and get my 2008 R6 :grin:

    Ya the cops classified it as a hit and run. I doubt there is anything they can do but i made the report anyway.

    I must say I didn’t take a fair few percussions going through the intersection, I try and make myself visible and cover the brakes, like I said, could have been MUCH WORSE it was just an idiot driver…

    But again, like everyone has said, all in all im ok and that’s the most important thing.

    Have a great weekend guys!
  11. Ah shit Jake, that's not good. Hope the knee heals quick (enjoy watching the various phases of bruising! second term yellow's my favourite :p ...means it's on the way out).
  12. That's a bugger, but as Rob pointed out everything can be turned into a learning experience. Work out what you could have done differently to avoid it.

    Also, without wanting to p!ss you off, referring to "damn 4x4 drivers" is just the same as them referring to us as "damn motorcyclists". I am and I cop both arguments. On the road you have to make your own luck.

    Glad you are ok...
  13. Everything is learning experience, i agree, and i think the biggest thing i took away from this is that simple, shit happens, and even tho sometimes you do the best you can, you just have to accept that riding is dangerous.
  14. Too true, I almost collected a Ducati in Lygon St yesterday. I suspect if I wasn't a rider I would have. Driving into town I noticed a Duke in the distance coming towards me. Then he disappeared. (Masked by a car). I was a little worried where he was going to turn up since he hadn't actually come past the car so I slowed a little. He then turned straight across me from behind the car coming the other way. I managed to brake and swerve so I missed him (ABS brakes used properly)

    It was the reverse of the old car-hits-bike-while-car-is-turning-right...

    He did the turn without looking.

    If I hadn't been aware that there was a bike somewhere and been watching I would certainly have hit him.
  15. if the police believe it was the other drivers fault your insurance may cover you as if it's an "Uninsured driver" but you'd have to talk to them, wish I knew more about insurance to help you out.

    Good thing you're ok though :)
  16. Will
  17. If the accident was ruled his fault, submit a letter of demand to him and ask him to forward it to his insurance co. (The template letters are a sticky thread under Law and Govt.)
    He will then have to restore your bike / goods.
    If you need help PM me.
  18. Will
  19. Sorry to hear of your dilemna fitryder...... Hope everything works out for the best.
    MacManMike mentioned about 4X4 drivers.... I must say I am the owner of a 4X4 as well.... we do a lot of touring/adventuring/camping etc.... most 'real' fourby drivers are more alert than the one that turned in front of you... the ones I know are anyway but the ones who own the fourby just to take the kids to school and do the shopping are the worry IMO!!

    (I am a New Again Rider... :grin: rode a long time ago and finally got my 'dream' bike after 25 years of dreamin' about it.... and I find I have to mentally drive everybody elses car for them as well as ride my Honda!!!!)

    Best of luck with it mate.... hope it all works out!


  20. fitryder, sorry to hear about your bike. how is your knee? i have a similar injury to my right knee and its been 13 days and still isn't bending right. you did the right thing by bandaging it up. i remembered "RICE" but forgot the "C." .. at least i got ice on it straight away.. lucky they had some i was in a tiny town in thailand called "FANG", how ironic. hope you & bike get well soon.