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Dale Maggs on 3AW today at 7.25. am

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Churro Monster, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Just listening to Ross and John talking bikes with Dale Maggs. Should be available to get off 3AW website if you want to listen to it. Discussing the death toll for bikes this year so far . 14 % of road deaths are bike related blah blah the usual stuff. some guy rang up and talked about splitting etc. Not that exciting. I did notice that John said the bike industry seems to be a recession proof business- tell that to the bike shops that have closed down int he last 6 months or the ones that are struggling to stay open.

  2. The interview was prompted by a question during a discussion into last nights fatal at Epping about if the bike toll was higher than last year and with several weeks left in 2008 the answer came back that it was already worse than 2007 :cry:
  3. ...in raw number terms, which are basically meaningless. In terms of bike-hours on the road it's pretty clear that the toll is falling and has been for years.

    Doesn't mean there's not more to be done, of course, but the 'rising bike death toll panic' looks like the perfect excuse for governments to add more onerous and pointless enforcement to the mix, all punitive of riders and all irrelevant to the factors that really cause fatals.
  4. Last person I'd want to have representing motorcyclist's opinions is foot in mouth Dale Maggs.
  5. I listened to the very brief interview and I didn't think Dale Maggs did a bad job to be honest, it was certainly ten fold better than the last interview I heard him give.

    As some constructive criticism perhaps in future though he would be better off focusing on the points being discussed rathr than trying to bring wire rope barriers into the conversation...

    Other than that I thought he cameacross pretty well!

  6. How was Dale presented? ie. as a former MRA prez or just another rider, what?

    As I didn't hear it Bamm-Bamm complained about WRBs being brought up. What is the issue here?

    EDIT: I've just downloaded the morning show highlights as an mp3 (podcast). I'll listen to it when I take the dergs for a walk after lunch. Hopefully they will have this segment.
  7. He was introduced as "former" president of the MRA. ( I listened carefully for that part :wink: )
  8. I don't have an issue at all with WRBs being bought up in a general conversation regarding motorcycle safety, but when your being interviewed about something else and you bring them up it may appear that you are skirting around the issue at hand and trying to change the subject.

    As I said i think it was a resonable interview :)
  9. As I haven't heard it I can't really comment. Hopefully the WRBs was in relation to barrier accidents as this one last night appeared to be. ie. in the context of getting more "bike friendly" ones out there.

    As you may be aware Dale's passion is centred around this, and in particular the frangible ones that are going in at roundabouts.
  10. What are the biker road tolls so far this year (and last year)

    I assume they have gone up a little but so has the number of bikes on the roads.
  11. I think its 37 this year so far and last year was 35 in total ( somewhere around those figures) It was early and I hadnt had my coffee yet. :oops:
  12. The WRB was mentioned in the context of DM saying any impact over 35km/h will result in broken bones and hitting a WRB will do all sort of damage (this was at 7:30 this morning so forgive me if I'm not 100% accurate).
  13. Not a fan of Maggs. He is best off saying nothing, he lacks the education to make wild assumptions.
  14. Once again, I agree with you, Brother Joel.
  15. The bottom line is:

    Is it better that someone - ie a rider - gets on the radio and says something - or should nothing be said?

    In this case the comments were of a general nature - relating to the issue of motorcycles being "dangerous".

    My question is - Why didn't one of you call in? Dale heard it - and made the effort.
  16. But who called whom??

    Does the MRA have current committee phone numbers registered with 3AW & 3LO for when 2 wheel topics crop up on talkback??
  17. Personally I could think of a million better things to do than listen to 3AW, but Dale is on the road at that time of morning . He actually listens to 3AW and calls them. As a former president of the MRA he will usually get on because they know who he is - same with JK although as current Prez, it's often the media who call him.

    If you're listening and there's a two-wheeled topic you have an opinion on - then call in. As John said, at least Dale makes the effort.

    And since Dale's background is in Occupational Health and Safety then he does have the background to comment. The successful work he's done advocating changes to roadside furniture and signage more than gives him the experience and expertise to make comments in those areas. He actually managed to get VicRoads to listen.
  18. John, IMHO, Dale is not a complete dipshit. But I dont know him that well. He is just crap at the whole public speaking thing. The mouth runs faster than the brain.
    He heard, and responded without putting enough thought in to what was passing his lips.
    He is not educated enough, with regards to road barriers to make any credible calls.
    I applaud his diligence to his cause, but frown upon his lack of data to back himself up.
    Brain in to gear, before the mouth.
  19. You admit that you don't know the guy. Then you make the claim that he is not educated enough in the area concerned.

    What is the basis of this view?

    Yes, indeed...