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N/A | National Dakar

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Slow Coach, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Anyone know of any TV coverage or internet streaming?

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  2. Daily highlights 17:30 to 18:00 SBS1 I think
  3. After 2 days Toby Price is sitting in 5th in the bikes (y)

    Although, no footage of him during the highlights!
  4. Price was fourth overall today, a great rookie effort so far.
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  5. Awesome racing again this year. These people are awesome.
  6. Price nabbed third! Fabulous effort in the world's maddest race
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  7. Yep Hornet, what a fantastic result for Toby Price - third overall in his very first Dakar :)
    With the possible exception of the rain-soaked Salar de Uyuni stage, it wasn't really the most spectacular of Dakars, But the competition was fairly tight all the way through. Price seemed to me (as an armchair viewer) to be fast and smooth rather than unnecessarily spectacular, in stark contrast to Quintanilla who ended up being his main rival, and who paid the price (IMO) for exhausting himself.
    In years to come I think we'll see Price, Quintanilla and possibly Walkner fighting it out for the top prize. But they have to beat Coma and Concalves first.
    Kudos also to Llewellyn Sullivan-Pavey (62nd) for completing the Dakar on first attempt, and his old man Simon Pavey (63rd) for completing his eighth (out of ten)!
    And respect to Lia Sanz Pla-Giribert who will hopefully never again need to tolerate the qualification that she is fast and tough 'for a girl'.
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  8. Yep Toby will be up there again next year. Used to watch him when he was a little tacker out at Klonkeen riding on the track set up for him. He and his family deserve to be proud of his achievements after all they have been through! Well done Pricey!
    also what titustitus said regarding the lady rider. Awesome result.