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Dakar 2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by movin, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. What :-s no Dakar thread this year???
    4 or 5 ozzy motorcyclists starting this year. Should be interesting with level playing field and all on 450cc.
    Starts tomorrow and highlights on SBS starting 3rd @ 5.30pm.

  2. You tryin' to put us crook Kenny? Tomorrow at 1:30 there's a preview on SBS HD. I'll be watching the whole lot, recording it as well :)
  3. I'm following it too, FWIW. It's OK. ;-)
  4. love it.
    theres always a lead group of a dozen or so, cyril & co, that are just completely mental.
    but that's what it takes to win, just kamakazi bonzai mental.
  5. err... I think that's bAnzai mental (unless they grow TINY trees along the way) :LOL:
  6. :facepalm: Sheizen forgot about that one Andy. Went to look at TV guide and got distracted.
    Paul mental or no, you have to admire their riding skills, tenacity, and just plain balls for giving the thing a go. The mental stamina is also true grit in this race, especially for privateers. I don my helmet to them =D>
  7. And I believe it's doff your helmet, unless you need to don it first ;)

    But yeah, I'll be watching - you should check out the Romainiacs thread that just started up too...
  8. How good is KTM? All the efforts to try and hobble them and they're still killing the bigger factories. Go KTM(y)(y)
  9. Orange powaaaa!! :LOL:
  10. And I love how well Gordon is doing. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.
  11. Shameless addict here. Yes, it's lost just a smidge of it's sparkle but the landscapes are just as mind-boggling and the commitment and bravery still gets me. There's nothing quite like it.

    So where's the other big manufacturers? To scared of getting spanked?
  12. the landscapes defy description, don't they, what about that narrow mountain road shot from the helicopter last night, indescribable!!!???
  13. Don't know how "Factory" any of these are, but there is Sherco, BMW, and Aprilia that are capable of mixing it with the front runners. Yamaha is usually up there but seems to be struggling this year.
    I agree though, it does seem strange that after the rules being changed to suit the "Big 4", that they still don't seem real keen.
  14. the vehicles are pure racing cars/bikes anyway, bear only a name resemblance to anything you can buy, so I guess the bigger factories don't see the point.....
  15. Utter crap. Anyone can buy the exact same bike Coma and Despres are riding.
    BMW is not a big factory? Yamaha not a big factory? Oh please.

    PS "Dear XXXX!

    Please find attached the technical detail of our 450 Rally bike, which will be available for Dakar 2011.

    Our quotation will be as follow:

    Price 450 KTM Rally: 29.300,-- Euro (without VAT)
    Price spare engine (max. 2): 5.000,-- Euro (without VAT)
    Bike painted in sponsor basicolor: 1.000,-- Euro (without VAT)
    Production date: October 2010
    Closing date (for orders) : 15th of June

    For orders please contact daniela.leidl@ktm.at

    Pictures of the bike we will send you soon (1 – 2 weeks).

    We are looking forward to hearing soon from you!

    Best regards
    KTM Rally team"

    attached specs:

    450 Rally Replica 2011

    Engine type Single cylinder, 4-stroke
    Displacement 449cc
    Bore / stroke 97 / 60,8
    Power n.s.
    Torque n.s.
    Starter / battery Electric starter / 12 V 8.6 Ah
    Transmission 5 gears, dog clutch engagement
    Fuel system Keihin FCR-MX 41
    Control 4 V / OHC with roller rocker levers
    Lubrication Pressure lubrication with 1 Eaton pumps
    Engine oil Motorex, fully synthetic, SAE 10W-60
    Final drive 15 : 48
    Cooling Liquid cooling
    Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch, hydraulically operated
    Engine management / ignition Keihin DC ECU

    Frame Chromium-Molybdenum trellis frame, powder coated
    Subframe Self-supporting plastic tank
    Handlebar Aluminium, tapered, Ø 28 / 22 mm
    Front suspension WP-USD Ø 48 mm
    Rear suspension WP-Monoshock with Pro-Lever linkage
    Suspension travel front / rear 300 / 310 mm
    Front brake Brembo two-piston, floating caliper, brake disc Ø 300 mm
    Rear brake Brembo single piston, floating caliper, brake disc Ø 240 mm
    Rims front / rear Spoked wheels with aluminium rims 1.60 x 21'' / 2.50 x 18''
    Tyres front / rear 90/90-21"; 130/80-18"
    Chain X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4"
    Steering head angle 62.5°
    Trail 120 mm
    Wheel base 1,535 ± 15 mm
    Ground clearance 320 mm
    Seat height 980 mm
    Tank capacity approx. 35 litres
    Weight (ready to race) under 150 kg (without fuel)
  16. Do you think the change to 450cc in the bikes for the Dakar will inspire the manufactures to bring out a range of 450cc rallye(esque) bikes?

    I always found some 600cc thumpers kinda 'clunky' out on the trails. The big fuel tank, FI & afew allowances for the road (cush drive, good lights) would make a 450cc dirtbike tick more boxes for more riders I reckon.
  17. Time for an upgrade huh Andy?
  18. No mate -not for me.
  19. Is it just me or does this years commentator sound like Marvin Martian half the time?
    :shock: Where's the Kaboom :-k Coma's rear tyre was supposed to explode, with an earth shattering kaboooom :tantrum: