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Dakar 2010

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by movin, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. What no Dakar thread this year? I did a search and found nought:-s Isn't anyone planning to watch the two wheel titans of the turf this year?

  2. if you insist
  3. I have wanted to do this in a Troop Carrier for ages :grin:.... love watching the coverage!! :wink:
  4. My PVR (Personal Video Recorder) automatically records anything on TV with "Dakar" in the name or description. So I don't need a thread to remind me. :)

    Hopefully the coverage includes a bit more content this year. I mean, last year was okay, but didn't show enough actual racing for me. Too much time spent on results summaries with repeated short clips of the racers, and those never ending Dakar intro clips. Wasting time! We'll see I guess.
  5. Phew, SBS have finally started pre-publicising it. For a while there I thought it had gone to pay TV...

    Even so, I'll wait as long as it takes to see it back in Africa.
  6. Know what you mean Rod. The last Africa coverage was by far the best. I must have watched it 30 times. The music, the footage, the editing, the whole deal was just first class production. I have a copy of it on AVI if you want it Rod?
    With a new country, unless they use local production crews, you dont have the same knowledge built up over 20+ years of terrain, vantage points, let alone local customs and myriad of other logistical issues, I can only hypothesise you have to deal with to cover a Rally that moves at really high speeds. Let alone they say the constant roadside crowds like a european rally, as compared with Africa.
  7. SBS has been publicising it all month.

    It's also on Foxtel/Austar, on their HD channels as well (still SD but with some decent bit rate). Pay are just one day behind, SBS seem to be 2.

    Set the Mystar box to series record all of them. Fingers x'd.
  8. Look forward to watching it.
  9. Woops. Been busy and didn't see your question Ken. I'll pass for the moment, but keep it in mind. I'm thinking I might try to see what DVD's are available at some stage, but not urgently, since I suspect the post race DVD's are better than the daily coverage.

    Or maybe I'll just rent some of those Extreme Sports DVD's. :)
  10. No prob Rod. Todays stage was best so far I reckon, reminiscent of dunes in Africa and Tenere desert and similar to Morocan wide open plains.
    Farg those boys can motor, cars :driver: and bikes.:bolt: Makes you realise how good these guys really are. =D>
    Although I had to watch it on net, as unbeknownst to me till it was too late, bloody Bob the Builder :nail: got put on pause on DVD player, thus overiding my 6pm recording and daily fix :furious:not happy Bob!
  11. Can we fix it??!!!!
  12. Missed todays too. Iv'e officially given up and reverted to net.
    Coma the cheating bastad got busted for illeagally 8-[ changing a rear tire and copped a 6 hour penalty today. Serves him right.[-(
  13. I agree. He has always had so many people willing to keep him in the race, often at their expense, that I wondered just what was going on. Now it seems he went a little too far and cheated outright, and got caught.

    He didn't come right out and deny the charges either, and he was very unhappy about the penalty. While we must give him the benefit of the doubt to some degree, I think he did it, and thought it was his right to do so. He seems to think that he has a right to win the race no matter what.

    Anyway, enjoy the internet updates. Mine are still recording, but the content is still somewhat disappointing.
  14. Bobby Gordon gives me the shits.
  15. I, and my other half, agree. Robby Gordon is a bully, show-off and addicted attention seeker, who throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way, which means winning. Not much better than a six year old child out of control.

    I do like the rubber stone shield he uses under his "Hummer" though, which he shows off regularly by doing big jumps. Of course, it's really not much of a Hummer, more a dune buggy with a Hummer shell.
  16. Ahh, whatever. Gordon and the Hummer (silhouette or not) inject a welcome dose of showbiz and raz. I love it and I hope he give the Europeans a good shake. Sick to death of humble sportsmen. I wouldn't mind seeing Carlos Sainz grab the win, always had time for him in WRC. Good to see the petrol Mitsi giving a good showing against the diesel army, too.

    As for the bikes, well, against my prediction the capacity change and subsequent compromise seems to have delivered a less predictable result. It's worked, more or less. The Priller looks impressive.
  17. There is a place for cut throat racing, but the Dakar was never meant to be about that. It was supposed to be about overcoming huge challenges, extracting the most out of you and your vehicle. The other drivers stop and assist other drivers from other teams. I can't see Gordon doing that. He said on TV that the only purpose is to win, which whilst understandable is not what has happened in previously.

    I like the Dakar for the those reasons.
  18. I agree with Rod and Cejay. Gordon is a 1st class prick. He reguarly displays the attributes and characteristics that disgust me most in a human being.

    On the biker side, I hope Pal anders Ulerversater wins. He is a fargin good rider and older than most of them, but still in there fighting. But mainly coz I love his name :)