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"Dainese: We prevent bikers from becoming donors."

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ktulu, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. New Dainese ads.

    Poor taste?

    They do make a point... but transplant waiting lists aren't exactly the most hilarious context for irony.




    And the "We prevent bikers from becoming donors" ... I mean, yes we know, and in some cases it's true, but it's by no means absolute. Why not "Dainese: We prevent bitumen grinding away your skin and doing irrepairable nerve and muscle damage! Hooray, go us!" ??
  2. I dont know anyone who needs a liver or a heart but im guessing anyone who knows someone wouldn't be laughing. All I can think is they wanted the shock & awe factor & to be talked about on bike forums or newspapers....hey its free publicity isnt it? But at what or whose expense... did they even care?
  3. Should have left the slogan off it imo.
  4. you're not taking the piss?

    if that's the company's new ad then i have to say that this is really in bad taste.

    who was the advertising co. that came up with this bollocks? any links?

    thumbs down, dainese!!!
  5. Re: "Dainese: We prevent bikers from becoming donors.&q

  6. Poooooor taste. Mind you on one of the early top gears the guest they had on, can't remember who right now went to hospital with someone who needed a retina transplant (?) I think, and anyway they didn't have any on hand. But it was raining outside and the doctor went to the window saying, well, don't worry it shouldn't be long now anyway. And he was dead serious! Referring to motorbike riders.
  7. I agree, it's in piss-poor taste. Pretty disappointing.
  8. Re: "Dainese: We prevent bikers from becoming donors.&a

    Er Roger that!
  9. i have to admit i chuckled at first one, but yeah, poor form
  10. The idea is to sell motorcycle clothing, and make a point of difference.

    Dainese gear is stylish, well made and not cheap. It would want to do something "beyond normal" for the money.

    I think they are great adverts - and we're talking about them :wink:
  11. I don't wear Dainese, so Sarah can have one of my organs in her for a while.....
  12. Doesnt matter if there gear can fly you to the moon & back... they cross the line for the sake of awe tactic advertising imo
  13. Dont like it.
  14. Yep we're talking about their poor taste adds...
  15. Apart from being in extremely poor taste, I'd much prefer for them to use the money they spend on advertising on something useful instead, such as working on quality control - there is usually some room for improvement. Or just work on lowering the prices... somebody has to pay for all those ads and sponsorships - guess who?

    For me, large advertising budget = instant turn-off

    Given a choice of gear from Dainese or say Crowtree, I'd take Crowtree any day. Never heard of Crowtree? My point exactly...
  16. Am I the only one that doesn't find them in bad taste? They're not what you call funny, but I think that's because they just aren't rather than because they're in 'bad taste'.

    Then again, some people don't find Drawn Together and Something Awful funny...
  17. i think they are good.

    Organ donorship in this contry is very low by getting the issue out there it maybe talked about and something may be done to improve it.

    And by starting this thread u have proved that their adverstising strategy is working. I dont think anyone on a waiting list would mind this issue being thrown in the spotlight more.
  18. Who are crowtree??!?

    You made me look!


    There's no doubt about Dainese leathers, they're top quality. I've tried on a cheap suit and soon after a Dainese suit... and if money was no object, the Dainese, or one of similar quality would definitely be the way to go. The difference is obvious.
  19. humanizing the anguish that transplant waiting list people suffer, in order to promote gear is silly IMO.
    i see what they are targeting, the jovial nature of the quacks that make quips about an injured biker being just another organ donor....but its a little close to home for me.
  20. Very poor taste. How do we really know those people are really on waiting lists....