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Dainese Vintage jacket or similar

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gronk62, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. This is almost exactly what I've been looking for in a bike jacket for years http://www.dainese.com/eng/articolo.asp?cat=1,2,3,7&nome=VINTAGE&articolo=1533566
    I absolutely hate the look and feel of brand new shiny black leather jackets. Takes me several years of solid wear to get that lived in look and comfortable feel, by which time most of my jackets are starting to fall to bits.

    I wanna buy an oldish looking jacket off the rack but have only found this Dainese vintage jacket. Problem is Monza are the Aussie importers and they only have one left in stock, which is the wrong size, and they don't intend to import any more.

    Please, does anybody here know of a similar style of jacket either available in Oz or from OS ?

    All my searching has turned up nothing.

    Please help
  2. The insignia ruins the whole vintage look. Shift has a jacket called "Vendetta" that looks retro-ish, though it does come with some decals.
  3. Yes I would prefer there to be zero graphics etc, but having seen a bloke wearing the Dainese Vintage in person I don't think they look too bad.
    The cut and style of the jacket is perfect (so is that shift jacket you posted, except its not aged leather)
    I've asked Mars leathers if they'd make me one, but they can't match the leather. They only have that hideous brown stone washed crap.

    This is another jacket I've seen in person http://www.foxcreekleather.com/114.html and again its the right kinda cut and style, but its shiny black and would take several years to look aged.
  4. Yup the dainese vintage is very nice.

    If you want i have a very old leather jacket that's for sale :)

    Why not import directly from a US company? There's plenty of suppliers in the US that you can order from. They're legit too.
  5. there are some available on UK ebay at the moment in a few different sizes..
  6. Umm.. let me think... No thanks. I already have a few old jackets that are falling to bits :LOL:

    I'll do a bit of a search to see if I can find one who ships here.

    Thanks, I'll check 'em out. Trouble is I don't have an ebay account
  7. Jacket looks great except for the disgusting "Dainese" shit written all over it.
  8. It would be nicer if that wasn't there.

    I feel the same way about leathers covered in multi coloured stripes and graphics. Can't stand 'em. Gotta be as close to basic black as possible for my taste.

    But then the world would be pretty boring if we all liked the exact same stuff :grin:
  9. That's very true.

    I wonder if you could unstitch it? Call me crazy, but I think it'd look pretty sweet with the threads sticking out where the logo used to be.
  10. The way I see it you have two choices: buy a second hand jacket, or
    buy new (that fox creek one looks good) and age the leather yourself.

    Ebay accounts are easy to set up - I picked up an old Walden Miller jacket in good condition (save for a few tears in the lining) for $50!
    Try op shops too, if you're the op-shopping type. The trendy/expensive vintage clothing stores often have a range of bike-brand jackets at trendy/expensive prices (still less than half what you'd pay for a newie).

    Of course, finding a second hand one might take ages, and the usable life might be shorter. Money no object, the second option seems sensible. I'm sure a saddle maker or cobbler or someone would know how to soften and dull new leather without decreasing its life.

    Then you can go through the same epic search for gloves, boots, pants, helmets, bikes etc!
  11. I have several second hand jackets that could repaired. Mars quoted me $180 + for one of them. Its about 4 sizes too big for me though. I've lost nearly 30kg over the last year.

    I'm seriously considering the Fox creek jacket, and kicking it around my garden for a few hours :LOL:

    I don't trust ebay. Thats why I've never bothered to set up an account
  12. Nor do I really - I only set up an account when I saw the jacket! I figure cash on pickup can't really go wrong.
  13. I've been looking around for good retro leathers for when I upgrade.

    I'm liking HELD kit at the moment, although the local retailer's website isn't working (www.held-australia.com.au) but I saw an ad in a recent Road Rider mag so someone is still paying the bills.

    Found some overseas shop that shows what it would cost anyway, linky (scroll down a bit for the larger range). I like the Rocco leather jacket.

    Edit: just googled around for reviews of held and came across this thread. I don't think I'd buy from the Australian guy at the very least.
  14. how much was the dainese vintage from monza? size?
  15. I was told by the not very truthful staff member at PS in the city that it was a size 50 and they only had one left.
    RRP is $950

    I had to travel to Narre warren today (I live near Warragul in Gippsland) and had enough time to catch a train from Narre to the city PS store where I discovered they had 4 of these jackets in stock....after telling me they only had one size 50
    The sizes they had were 48, 50, 52 and 54. I found the 48 fit me the best across the shoulders but was a bit too big round the guts. It was also too short, exposing my lower back when sitting in a riding position.
    Upon close examination I discovered poor stitching, a cuppla damaged zippers (one missing a tooth :shock: ), and just generally not a very impressive product considering the premium price.

    I left the store wiser and with my pocket still full of money.

    The search continues..... :roll:
  16. Cool jacket gronk, great find! :grin:

    Are you kidding?? I've seen far worse!
    Like that Shift jacket in your link! Eeeeuuuuwwww! :sick:
    What's with all the stupid decals all over the back?!! THAT ruins any hope of a passable 'vintage' look! :mad:

    Dainese is CLASSIC!
    ... hope you're able to find an honest (not PS!) supplier/retailer, gronk! :grin:
  17. im in the same boat gronk. love the vintage look, if i can find a dainese ones that fits ill cough up the cash.

    ill be scouring sydney outlets next week to see what i can find, ill let you know if i see anything similar.
  18. I'm not sure if ya's read my findings of 4 examples of this jacket I posted on the previous page.

    All 4 jackets were of a much lesser quality than I'd expect for the steep price tag of $950.

    From a distance they look great, but closer inspection reveals pretty ordinary build quality.

    If ya's do decide to buy one, go over it with a fine tooth comb before parting with your hard earned.

    I had a rivet jacket that was put together better than these