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Dainese Torque Boots v Alpinestar SMX-5's?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by YoungMossy, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.
    I'm about to purchase a new pair of boots and I'm tossing up between the Dainese Torque Out boots and the Alpinestar SMX-5's. I've heard nothing but praise for the alpinestars, which I found very comfortable, but I felt better protected in the dainese, especially in ankle support. I'm basically just wondering if anyone who owns these boots can comment on them, particularly the comfort of the dainese for walking around in and whether the alpinestars will provide adequate protection if I come off.

    The boots will only be used for riding to uni a couple of times a week and weekend rides and are to be worn under draggins. I can get the SMX-5's for around $300 but can't find the dainese for cheaper than $380.

    Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help.
  2. My pair of SMX-5 are really comfy, I've worn them to and from work 5 days week for 9 months and they seem almost as good as new. I don't know about the dainese, but I'm pretty sure if my ankle got pinned under the bike in a big fall with the SMX-5s on it would get damaged for sure, but I think the boot would hold together and keep my foot relatively intact. I've never tested the theory out though, so who knows.
  3. The prices you quote are good. I would pick the Dainese over the A* any day. The A* might look fancy but the quality is not there as in all there products. The Dainese look plain but actualy give you great protection.
  4. would you like to back up this statement with some proof? or you just dont like A*??

    my leathers have been involved in 5 crashes now, 2 major lowside slides, and the last being a 140km/h highside, where i tumbled down the road for about 100m from where i came off. they've been repaired once, as only after the 2nd slide, on the same side of the leathers, has the stitching worn past the 2nd layer. now i need to get a zip replaced, and some minor stitching done on the arm. considering the shit i've put my leathers through, and that i wear them every day, including in the rain, and i havent used any leather conditioning stuff to keep them in better nick, they're doing a fantastic job. the leather has never torn or worn through.

    my boots have a few grazes on them in places due to said offs, but have held up fine, with no zip damage, no ripping or wearing through anywhere. again i wear these every day, in all conditions.

    my gloves have been replaced, simply because i lost them :oops:

    oh, i almost forgot to mention the brand... well, i reckon you can figure that one out :wink:
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I am probably going to go with the dainese because as you say oz650r they do seem to offer better protection. The only issue is whether they are confortable enough to be worn all day like the alpinestars but they felt okay in the shop. Thanks again for your help.
  6. what did you end up getting???
    and where did you find the 300 price you quoted for the smx5 boots
    im interested in buying a pair myself
  7. Hey mate. I ended up getting the Dainese for $370 from PS in the city. I'm happy with them so far just had a bit of trouble getting used to changing gears with them at first. The $300 for the alpinestars were through buying them from the US - at the time Sportbike Track Gear had them for $200 + $40 shipping which was $300 AUD. Not too sure wat the exchange rate is now but looking at ebay these ones are about $300 AUD:
    and these ones about the same: