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Dainese sleeve length question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by skar6270, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, well in the last couple of months my arms seem to have grown a little bit and now the sleeves come up short of my wrists (between 1 to 1.5 inches when I extend my arm) The problem is I don't want to change my jacket size until i've completely finished growing so ideally I would like to wait a year. My gauntlet gloves do overlap with the sleeves when my arms are extended (only just), would this be enough protection for the time being?

    Anyway after I realised my sleeves were getting short, I had a look at some possible Dainese jackets and was shocked to see in quite a few of the pics the sleeves are actually fitted like mine are at the moment and this is without them extending their arms in the riding position. I was wondering is this kind of fit fine or are these jackets too small for the guys wearing them?

    Here are some examples (they're all 1 piece but i've seen the same with 2 piece), mine fits a little like the 3rd picture at the moment. Really curious because if this type of fit is ok I might hold on to my jacket even longer :grin:



  2. I have a jacket which is if anything a little large for me, and it is a bit short on my wrists while standing. Try it on a bike tho, with bent arms, and it fits perfectly. If you're trying it on in a store, try jjust assuming a 'riding position' and pretending you are on a bike, while ignoring the funny looks people give you :p
  3. Hahaha yeah I remember doing that in the store on one of the seats they had around, luckily I didn't get too many weird looks. When in the riding position the jacket is only slightly short and the sleeves just make it to that round bone on my wrist..

    Its just that i'm imagining my arms would be raised at some point if I did come off and when I do raise my arms the sleeves come short of my wrist by about 1.5 inches, possibly 2 if I really stretch. Until I can get another jacket I guess the main worry is whether the gauntlet glove by itself will be enough to protect me for the time being. Oh also why do the above jackets I put up fit like that in the sleeves?? I always thought it should be somewhere between your wrist and knuckles when your arms are relaxed :?