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Dainese Santa Monica Pelle

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by The duke, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Just bought a black Dainese Santa Monica jacket. Stunning! Ok it's not the cheapest jacket but it's very nice. Normally it takes a few months to break a new leather jacket in but this fits and feels perfect straight away. Can't wait to see how comfortable it is in a few months.

    The whole chest / stomach area is perforated allowing a good breeze through. There is also perforations under the arms. Streach material in the arms also allows some air through.

    I bought size 50. I mention this because in the past I have always worn size 52 or 54. The fit is amazing.

    The leather is so soft and suple, unlike many other jackets I have owned.

    First impressions (I've only worn it twice so far) is that this is a very nice jacket.

  2. i've just bought a dainese jacket myslef.. size 52... and its pretty figure hugging... and it feels alittle short in the arms... the salesman said its fine as the gloves sit over the arms and the leather will give a bit too... but size 54 fitted abit better but obviosuly in the riding position the salesman said theres abit too much gap on the chest (he was pulling down at it)....

    so on his recommendation i went with the 52 size... i hpe i've made the right choice....

    so is he right that it will give a bit and loosen up after a while??
  3. I've got the same jacket - there great. And perforations are great for Queensland conditions.

    A new jacket will stretch (by up to 10%) so if your in between sizes, you are better going a bit tight than too loose.

    I've also got the perforated pants (zips into the jacket). Again, the perforations really work. In winter, feels like little needles stabbing you when the cold air goes into the holes. A small price to pay as its only cold here a month a year.
  4. yeah i reckon im inbetween sizes... (probably a 53!)

    maybe i got long arms but my jacket (size 52) finishes bout 5 cms from my wrist and kinda feels abit short but when the gloves go on it all covers it. The size 54 felt abit longer but then was probably a fraction bigger uptop!

    should they be shortish in the arms?
  5. Had to put it on to tell. My wrist sticks out about 2cm from the end of the jacket. You must have long arms?

    As long as your gloves cover any bare skin (with some overlap) you should be fine. I think this is still a better option than the jacket being too loose up top.
  6. ok thanks :)
  7. i had the excess room in the chest issue also, when purchasing my A* jacket.

    opting not to have breast enhancement surgery mcuh to the disappointment of alot of people :p i found a seperate back protector (Dainese Wave 2) uses that extra room on my back, and i leave in the foam padding in the back of the jacket to give me even more protection.

    if you dont already ride with a back protector, and can afford a Dainese jacket, i suggest you purchase one :)
  8. Hey Duke - I'm curious where you got your jacket from. Its hard enough to find Dainese in Qld and I've never seen perforated gear in the stores?

    I got mine from overseas. http://www.bimoto.be/index.html Great deals and good people to buy from, but after shipping its not much better than local prices.
  9. Dainese Shop in Singapore.
  10. Just bought myself a Santa Monica jacket today in black at Peter Steven's in the city.

    Got the back protector thrown in for free. The fit is superb!!!

    I'm size 52 normally but got it in 50....feels slightly short in the sleeves but ok with the gloves on. I made sure it didn't boof up and was secure around the chest. I don't think I'll wear my Shift jacket again!!

    Now I just gotta get the pants and a pair of Dainese boots and I'll be right (and broke).

    I wish Dainese didn't pay Valentino so much, the gear would be cheaper!! :p
  11. Link please.

    Nice jacket. It was my top pick until i saw the Delmar which looks very similar but has a bit better airflow. Damn these jackets are expensive. I have an Alpinestars MX-1 which gets too hot for 30+ weather. Maybe i should just get a cheaper mesh jacket

    I feel overdressed sometimes in full protective gear on a 250cc when i see people in shorts and t-shirts on their 600-1000cc bikes :LOL:
  12. Yeah, but you will always, and I mean ALWAYS, win, in the skin retention stakes if in the unlikely event of a spill. ;)