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Dainese reducing thickness of leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User4, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Did I mention that I had been shopping around and looking at different motor cycle products recently?

    Firstly I must say I really like Dainese and their products they make but about 12 months ago after a London purchased Dainese 8-Track leather jacket, I looked closely at this jacket a few months ago and noticed the thinness of the leather. I've compared the thickness of leather in similar areas of this jacket to other Dainese leather jackets in Australia and I'm appalled of the difference of thickness of leather especially in these zone 1 areas. This particular jacket is made in Tunisia and I have seen other Dainese jackets made in Romania and other odd countries on our planet.

    Dainese as we all know is an Italian brand and obviously Dainese have out-sourced their work to other cheaper labour countries. But the thinness of the leather in this jacket is unbelievable including the zone 1 areas where abrasion quality is paramount. Now, its not a matter of that the cows in Tunisia are under nourished producing thinner skin, its a matter of quality control from the tanning process all the way down to the final inspection of this garment. When you send goods to less developed countries for manufacturing a less quality product regularly ALWAYS OCCURS. Product names especially motorcyle safety equipment and reputable ones SHOULD NOT be putting the publics (their customers) safety and physical well being on the line by doing so.

    I see this as attempted murder.

    For example; If you were to jump from a plane, which country would you prefer the parachute to be manufactured? Even so that there are countries that make this sort of parachute, you wouldn't trust your life on it compared to another country making the same chute. Why put your life in the hands of the labour of a country who's workers/inspectors dont care to much or control the quality of manufacturing of your motor cycle safety equipment? And its not that Australia has stricter standards for motor cycle equipment than the U.K. its a matter having the same standard of quality through-out their range through-out the world.

    Readers, always inspect the relevant parts of the motorcycle safety clothing/equipment that your buying. Be educated before you go buy and don't assume that if its on the market place, the distributor is reputable or that the product name is well known or established that your getting proper protection from these products. This should apply to distributors whom sell this equipment, research the product before you sell it, you have a responsibility not just ethically but for the safety of the public.

    I still really like Dainese and will still continue to buy their products but will carefully inspect what I buy next. But to Dainese...Wake Up before you hurt someone because of this.

    I should take note to clarify that the above comment on the Dainese product I mentioned was not an import from Monza here in Australia and I have never had a problem with Monza.
  2. And if the jeans debate is anything to go by :popcorn:
  3. Let's just hope thpse mad Tunisians aren't monitoring this site or a full scale war could ensue...
  4. Good post.

    I know that dainese (well from what i know on their website), are always trying to develop new materials and new ways to do things.

    Are you sure that the thinner leather isn't just as strong due to new technology?
  5. The technology as you put it is leather...Cow hide infact. Regarding leather pretty much as long as it is the same type of species and same part of the animal its all up to the tanning process which involves rolling and chemical washing. So to answer to your question, (confidently saying) I dont think so. Jackets I've inspected after my purchase have leather much thicker than mine in the same area. Meaning; if there was something special in the tanning process they haven't continued it in their other jackets they made after mine. I think the problem in question re my jacket is the tanning process, maybe the sections in mine are rolled to much.
  6. Fair enough i was only guessing cause i remembered reading something on thinner, lighter, more breathable leather somewhere.
  7. Hey smarteeee my Dainese HF Special Pelle leather jacket was made in the Ukraine. I got a chance to test out its abrasive properties when I hit the ground on my left shoulder / elbow and the jacket held up really well with only minor scratches.
  8. Im glad it didnt turn out bad. What speed was your off?

    Im not saying all Dainese products are like this but definitely mine is very thin. Well under .8mm thick in the elbows. Just about Glad Wrap like thickness.
  9. I wasn't looking at the speedo but I believe about 60kph or so, possibly managed to slow down a bit before I hit the ground.

    I think my jacket is about 1.4mm in thickness but I have yet to confirm that. It certainly doesn't feel like its too thin.