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Dainese Rebel or R-Twin?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Sitting Bull, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. I've checked out the Revzilla reviews but it's not helping.
    I don't have the opportunity to try them on so I'm looking for opinions from people that own either of these jackets to help me decide between them or even another Dainese Jacket. I'm riding a GS500 at the moment and would be looking toward a sports-tourer. I could even end up with a naked or cruiser in the future bit I can get other jackets for them when and if it happens. Four seasons in a day down here in Tassie but I wouldn't be using this jacket in the dead of winter. The removable liner would be handy and some airflow for the hot days.
    Specifically, how is the fit with the rebel, too aggressive for my needs? I didn't really want a speed hump but I could live with it since it appears relatively inconspicuous and the jacket does look pretty good.
    I want all black, no labeling plastered all over the jacket. I'll be zipping it onto a pair of Aliens.
    Open to suggestions.
    Also I'm 178cm tall, 80kgs, 107cm chest and wear 33/33 Levis and would appreciate any sizing tips.

  2. Hey mate,

    Can't comment on those jackets in particular, but as far as sizing goes I'm the same size and weight as you, just 1" less on chest. I've tried a few dainese jackets in size 50 and 52. The 50 fits properly, very snug, the 52 fits well too but is a little loser.
  3. go for a 50 i would say
    im~173 tall, 90kg and i have a size 52 (Dainese Avro) with a Shield Air 2 back protector.
    it is comfortably snug without the liner in (i am hoping to loose a few before winter comes along :))

    edit: the sleeves were a good length form me on the 50, but they seem a touch long on the 52.
  4. you really need to try on dainese to find out not just your size, but the fit you like.
    i can fit into two sizes of their stuff.
    euro sizing is ****ing weird. because europeans have strange physiques. Italians for example typically have longer torsos than legs.
    the revzilla site does not list the euro sizes. SBTG does.
    you should be able to find a similar jacket to the one you want in a local store to try on for fit.
  5. Hello friend. I have the Dainese delmar. I appreciate it's not your thing, given it has white lettering on it in places and quite a large speed hump on it.

    But, as for sizing, I am exactly the same size as you. Same height, same weight and same pants size. I have a size 50 jacket. It is the most comfortable one I have ever had nd I strongly recommend it.
  6. Thanks for the input.
    I do have a Euro Italian type physique, long torso and shortish legs, athletic build with broad shoulders and built arms.
    Looks like it's going to be a gamble buying online with a 50/50 chance of getting it right with a 50 or a 52.
  7. Well to be honest I would recommend the 50 too, I was just mentioning 52 to be safe. The only thing that would be borderline with size 50 is the chest, but I think that would be fine and there are stretch panels for that anyway.
  8. I'm starting to think a 50 as well. I like a close fit so that the leather can mold to my shape. They do stretch a bit with time don't they? I would also prefer a better fit with the liner out and snug with it in. As long as the arms aren't too short and it doesn't knacker me when I zip it to the pants.
  9. I will say for the Dainese the hump on the back isn't noticeable, when I tried on Alpinestars jackets with a hump, you knew it was there all the time. Couldn't stand it.

    It will stretch out a fair bit, so if it feels tight at first don't worry at all.
  10. have you compared to sportbiketrackgear.com?

    if your already willing to buy overseas check them out, they have a huge range of leather jackets on there and great service. Revzilla are just a me-too clone.

    The New Delmar Jacket is great, i would go for it if i was buying dainese, but i dont, i like to buy real Italian leather made in Italy.
  11. if you are buying Dainese, get it from Europe, not the US, it is much cheaper
  12. Thanks all again, very helpful.
    I was going to purchase from Europe.
    Unconnected, you can buy authentic Italian riding leathers?
    Not being one to rush into things, I'm now thinking a 52 in Dainese may be the go, if I do end up with Dainese. I received a reply from Bimoto about sizing and they are putting me snug in a 52 and room to wear extra clothes under a 54. I guess they are depending more on chest size, they went out of their way to help. They also recommend the rebel jacket for a sports/tourer and describe it as a sporty jacket. The authentic Dainese chart puts me in a 50, except for my chest which is almost a 54. There are plenty of unauthentic size charts for Dainese giving differing results, this one put's me in a 52 with 1" less around the waist and 7lb overweight,


    I went to the nearest bike shop yesterday and they only had 3 RST leather jackets to choose from, none in my size. The Interstate looked OK but still $350 and they didn't have the dacks. The option of being able to zip jacket and pants together sounds like the way to go.
  13. I have a new delmar and rebel. The new delmar has a decent sized hump and is a bit more agressive cut. I also just bought a fully perforated rebel from rezvilla as bimoto didn't have my size in the colour I wanted. It's a more relaxed fit than the delmar and the hump is tiny so if you wear a backpack it doesn't even remotely get in the way.

    I'm 6'1" and 85 kilos with long torso and shorter legs. and the delmar (52) is snug and fits well for they type of riding a do in it. I bought a 54 in the rebel and with the liner in its fits perfectly. With the liner out you get a bit more room which I prefer for commuting and city riding and I can wear a jumper under. Both great jackets and the rebel is a bit more multipurpose.
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  14. Thanks mate.
    How do you reckon the perforated version of the Rebel would go in a Tassie summer, it doesn't get much hotter than 35 on average here, 40 max. Unfortunately we hardly get 2 months of it. I'm guessing the liner blocks the perforations. What's your chest measurement if you don't mind me asking? Do you have a back protector in the Rebel? Perhaps with the back protector I would need a 52.
    Studying the Dainese size chart, there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference with the length of the jacket or arms between sizes, more-so with the chest, waist and hip measurements.
  15. I don't generally ride with a back protector unless at the track. I can wear one with a 52 delmar and it's very snug. I reckon the Rebel will be great for summer, the liner makes it very flexible with temps. I reckon it would be perfect for Tassie summer, I rode in 27c with no liner and over about 40kph you get a really nice flow that keeps you cool. You will need to keep moving on a 35 degree day to stay cool but a good balance between protection and temp control.
  16. I reckon this bloke from Revzilla has my sizing about right,
    'Based on your measurement, we would recommend you a size 52 for the Dainese
    Rebel jacket. The size 50 should also fit properly, but due to your 42" chest, I
    would recommend you to go a size up with the 52.

    We hope this helps. Please, let us know if you have any other questions or

    I'm still tempted to stretch out a size 50 though, my 42" measurement is with an inhaled breath but my arms would probably be tight as well with 36.6cm biceps.

    There is a decent motorcycle shop about 70kms away, maybe it's worth the trip.
    I don't mind the look of the RJays Sprint Jacket in black, much cheaper and maybe worth a look. I could zip it to a pair of the RJays Elite Touring Pants but they may be too hot in summer.
  17. When I started riding a couple of years ago I had at least a 42" chest and bought a size 52 for my first jacket, it felt like it fit great in the shop but after about 1000km of riding it ended up feeling oversized so I sold it and went with a 50.

    I'm actually planning to get some dainese stuff myself so I'll probably go and have a look at some local shops this week, I'll let you know how I go with chest room on the size 50 and 52 if you want.
  18. Thanks Hobbsie, much appreciated.
    Great advice and I look forward to hearing how you go with that.
  19. Hey mate, so I had a look at a couple of the Dainese jackets today, the Cage, Racing and one other in size 50. They all fit about the same and had plenty of room in the chest, so I'd say you should be right.