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Dainese perforated/summer jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by qemal, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I am purchasing my first bike, and have started buying my gear. I am looking at the Dainese
    C2 leather jacket, and wanted to get some feedback on the perforated version.

    I live in Melbourne, and wondering if I was to wear a thermal layer underneath would I freeze?
    Just trying to make the most cost effective decision so I dont cook in summer in a full leather version.

  2. 6foot 2 82kg nothing of me pretty skinny.

    Can anyone that owns one or has worn one tell me how warm they kept you. It's a jacket I havn't been able to find on the rack locally. And would be purchased from overseas.
  3. wind chill is the problem. need a windproof layer. I have oxford chillout top but knox wind buddy looks better. a windproof softshell top from the kathmandu sale might work too.
  4. I have the Dainese Razon perf jacket (probably similar amount of perforations).
    Dainese are fairly generous with the ventilation, so you will need a thermal layer.
    The Razon has a winter liner, (more of a cool naked bike/nightclub jacket:cool:) - the C2 being "faster" probably won't have one.
  5. screw that.... unless you're really picky about your days and only ride the GOR or round town... it's cold in them thar hills. non perforated leather still gets cold, even with dainese's insulated liner.... id say if you're going to have one jacket, make it textile, waterproof, with a removeable liner of some sort. breathable helps... but waterproof is important, particularly in melbourne where the weather can and does change in 5 minutes

    I had an Ixon mesh textile with removeable watrerprrof/insulated liner when i started and it was great, and not expensive... but the liner didn't breath so was a biatch in melbourne traffic when it was raining and suddenly it was sunny... got very hot. but I would recommend something like that.

    These days I have Dainese leather, goretex, and mesh. The best all round is the goretex, ive used it from sub zero, to 40+ temperatures and done 1000km rides in the rain.
  6. I wear a perforated Dainese leather jacket and wear a rain gear (Dririder Thunderwear Rain Jacket) on top when it gets cold. Pretty warm even ehr it is 3-4 degrees in the morning. I cant ride without a rain gear below 17-18 degree, above that perforated is ok.
  7. thanks for your help guys, I think I will just buy the normal leather version.