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Dainese overrated?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by xDom, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Gday,
    Im thinking of buying a retro look leather jacket. I would like this to be a one off purchase that will last me for a very long time.
    I saw a really nice one on the Dainese site. Dont even know if I can get it here in Oz yet, but before I start hunting, is Dainese the premium brand for gear? Is it over priced, paying just for the label?
    I want to get something that is top quality and dont mind paying top price for it?
    What does everyone think?

  2. IME Dainese leather jackets are up there with the best mass produced offerings.
  3. their boots are great - and the jackets are very comfy and well made - better than other brands I have worn by a long shot!!!
  4. Revzilla did an article on caring for leathers, interviewing a bloke who runs a leathers business, repairs &c... They asked if you could tell any difference between brands, he said you could immediately tell that top brands "like A Star & Dainese" use top quality leather.
  5. Are Alpine Star up there with Dainese? Any other brands in the top league? What about Triumph, are they up there?
  6. Can't say sorry, from what I remember that was the only 2 brands he named.
    I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of way more experienced Netriders than me who will chime in given a little time.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, the Triumph gear is rebadged A* or similar. They don't manufacture their own gear.

    Over the years I've had a few A* and Dainese items.

    A* boots are good - gloves not so much (my Super-Tec Rs are 5 years old with at least another 5 years in them - A* gloves normally last about 10,000kms).
    Dainese leather jackets are top notch - textile jackets not so good (my Dainese Stradon jacket has ripped lining after being worn twice but the leather jacket is still like new after 3 years and 80,000kms).
  8. I would put Dainese a step up from A* although a bit more expensive. Like they say, you get what you pay for.
    Which model are you looking at? 'Retro' covers a number of styles.
    Having a look at some jackets the other day and Roland Sands look really solid.
    However I'm a big fan of Furygan. My 'Forty' jacket still looks new after 2 years daily (fine weather) use.
    If there's any minuses, Furygan tends to be quite heavy (mine's getting on for 3Kg with full back protector) and if you've got a gut, slim fit. Less Macca's, more Gauloises.
    Oh, and you won't find Furygan in Oz AFAIK.
  9. If you are from Melbourne, try Mars in Elizabeth Street near Lonsdale street, all styles of jackets for riders.
  10. I've owned a jacket for 7 years, would not recommend anything else top notch, maybe too hot for summer scorchers.
  11. I would throw tiger angel in to the mix if you are looking for something that will last.

    I have had one for 15 years. Looks like it will go another 15.
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  13. Just did a quick check on the Roland Sands site......are there any aussie importers?
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    I bought a 2 leather jackets last year (and another this year) and when comparing like for like the Dainese jacket was better in most departments when compared to the Alpine star... so I bought the Dainese, however when compared to my Rev'it the quality fell way short and the Rev'it was almost half the price with all the same features but with much better fit and finish.
  15. MCAS sell these jackets, I bought one last year (which my wife has claimed now as her own) the quality is superb. Top quality leather, silk lining, very difficult to find any fault's. If you are looking for a "retro" or Non-boyracer look you can't really go past them.

    I currently have these 3 jackets:

    Rev'it Rebel was 399 currently 299 (obsolete model)

    Roland Sands BARFLY ~$500

    Dainese Razon $600

    Personally the Alpine star offerings apart from being a bit over the top for my tastes the quality was poor for a $600-$700 jacket. The Dainese isn't much better and is more deserving of a $300 price tag. the Rev'it Rebel is massive value for money at $300 and more deserving of a $600-$700 price tag. The Rebel 2 replaces it and adds a few tweaks to the design. The Rolland Sands is very stylish and could easily be worn while not on the bike, it has pockets for armour if you wish and a few cool features that set it apart.

    You can probably tell by my choice in jackets I prefer a more subdue look which is hard to find. If the OP would like more in-depth information about these three jackets let me know, the Rebel actually replaced my old rebel which i owned for several years and loved dearly

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  16. iClintiClint its a shame they don't have a VIC store.. they seem to have a wide range..
  17. Yeah, I really like the BarFly. Im a bit concerned about sizing as I have really long arms. I have a RST jacket that is 4XL. I wonder how that would correspond to the Roland Sands? Also, what happens with the padding?, Do you just buy it separately? Can it be any brand padding?