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Dainese one piece

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by RRdevil, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. So spending more money. I moved my Dainese Yakuza tattoo suit onto another bloke (eBay is great for bidding wars, got back what I paid for them) and set about finding a pair of trickster Kangaroo leathers for upcoming track day.


    Got an excellent price and go exactly what I wanted. Must say my Yakuza leathers were kangaroo/d leather combo. Which was extremely soft. But nothing prepared me for how soft the full Kangaroo suit was.

    Before purchase I also tested out a couple pairs of Alpinestars one piece leathers.


    Alpinestars offer excellent dollar value for their one piece suits. But they simply do not fit my body well. I tried the Alpinestars atem one piece. I am normally a euro 54 but I could get the 54 up over my shoulders while the legs were perfect, I tried the euro 56 and found the chest was perfect but the legs and bum made it look like I had 10lbs of shit in he leathers, safe so say far too baggy. I also tried the Alpinestars orbiter with side zipper. Which was much the same between the sizes. They seem to allow for guys with massive legs and narrow shoulders.

    Anyway back to the trickster Kangaroo suit. Couldn't be happier, it fits perfectly with all armor in correct positions. Sure it's a little tight now but a couple rides and a few big farts will sort them out.
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  2. Pity I liked your Dainese tattoo suit :) I hadn't seen one before you posted. But the full Kangaroo are the go. With all that white you will be a bit glow in the dark for a while. ;)
  3. Skid marks will brown it up. Lol
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  4. Jesus did Elvis design that first one :]