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Dainese Mission 1pc Race Suit

Discussion in 'Archived' started by akaluke, May 28, 2012.

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  1. For Sale:

    Dainese Mission 1 piece race suit. Retailed at over $2000. Top of the line 1 piece. Size 48.

    This is it:


    OK, I got fat. My gain could be your gain too.

    Worn for about 1 hour. twice. Perfect condition. A tiny scuff from kneeling on the garage floor on one slider.

    Yours for $1000.

    Mount Waverley.
  2. not gonna ask why you were kneeling on the garage floor in your one piece race suit lol
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  3. need to find out what size one piece i am...
  4. It would fit someone around 5'9 and around 70-75kg I suppose.
  5. It's only one knee. I was proposing to my bike. She knocked me back.
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  6. Price drop - $1000

    Get it cheap before I put the price back up for summer.
  7. I've still got his suit - and I'm not going to get skinny enough to wear it. Make me an offer.
  8. wish I was skinnier, but not shorter lol , great price for such a good suit
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  9. it's 48 Euro yeah? I'd love it there's no way it'll fit unfortunately :(
  10. yeah - 48 euro I guess.

    It was perfectly tight for me when I was about 75kg (5'10").
  11. hight wise? I'm a little taller I think 182cm, and only 67ish kelos. If it'll fit I might take it , but it'll have to fit well
  12. Pop around and try it on mate. Won't hurt. Well maybe at first.
  13. You still got this suit mate??
  14. Yup - still got it...
  15. $700 - Must go.
  16. Hello would you post to Mt Colah NSW

    Cheers Colyn
  17. I'll have to check postage - stand by.
  18. @algaepup About $60 - regular post. Includes signature on delivery plus insurance for $700.
  19. Hi Luke I am going to try on a size 48 dainese suit and will get back to you shortly.

    Cheers Col
  20. If the one above falls through I am interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.