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Dainese Leather Repair & Care

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by toast, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I recently purchased Dainese leathers and am now looking at purchasing a good kit that has both a cleaner solution and moisturiser/conditioner solution. I have been unable to purchase the Dainese kit due to the lack of availability. Please post up your recommendations.

    I have also found that the zipper of the jacket, where the base is stitched into the leather, is becoming unstitched. It has only just started but it will develop into a problem. I need to get this repaired but would like alternatives to sending it back to Melbourne. I am in Canberra and would welcome recommendations for a local leather tailor of excellent repute.

    My pants have a leather clasp that buttons over the top of the zip and this is also becoming unstitched. It would be a simple job for a good tailor to restitch it.

    The inner side of the right-hand knee has also got a hole worn through the leather and inner liner, and it is starting to wear on the actual armour inside the leather. This has been caused by the Techspecs tank side-pad that I put in place. This needs to be patched. The left knee is fine, as most of my corners are lefties.

    Other than that, the Dainese gear is very nice quality. Very soft. I just need to begin caring for it with some moisturiser/conditioner.

    I'm just about to purchase some Dainese D-Dry/Goretex winter gear. Anyone got the D-Dry JetDream jacket? Goretex pants, and the New Jerico gloves?

    Is the D-Dry fabric very weatherproof? What about it's breathability?