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Dainese leather jacket fit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vaper, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. So i bought a rebel. I am a built up top, 205lbs 5"11. I tried on a 52, i thought it was way to tight, very difficult to do simple tasks like putting a helmet and backpack on, the forearm was very tight and the length was like an inch from my wrist bone up my arm,I found the shoulder armour to dig into my shoulder.

    But the guys at peter stevens insisted it was ok and that it would stretch and that i didnt need movement in my chest So a week later, i realize it cuts off circulation to my hands and it literally gives me a headache when wearing. I brang it back but they talked me into keeping it. Im really pissed off i did that because now its been over a week and i cant return it, its brand new, paid $900 and its only functional to me without the liner and being a bodybuilder it will probably soon be useless even with the liner. Need advice...

  2. office of fair trading
    don't know what state you are in, but just google that.
    if that fails, punching holes in walls at Peter Stevens will make you feel better.
    they have definately fitted you out wrongly, based on your description. sleeve length in particular. they do know better than this, because that's their job.
    there likely won't be a dainese jacket that does fit you. or certainly not one in stores here anyway. they know that too.
    i'd speculate the 900 dollar sale overode their concerns.
    i'm not really trying to make you angry, because you're probably pumped full of roids. have faith in the office of fair trading.
  3. Hmm...I'd a similar situation when I bought my jacket at PS. One of the sales guys said the same thing for a size 52 jacket (I'm about an inch shorter than you and average build) as in it will stretch etc etc BUT he was not pushy about it. I tried size 54 and that was a more comfortable fit & I could stretch my arms so opted for that one.

    Have you tried talking to the manager?? Explain the situation calmly & see what happens. Tell him you did not go on a proper ride at least a week after you bought it. Maybe he will change it or give you a gift voucher in return if you dont want a refund.
  4. for what it's worth to you, I simply bought heatd grips from Peter Stevens in Melb, they worked out till it rained then they played up. I RANG and spoke to some young fella who pointed me to the suppliers website. I wrote an email explaining that I bought them NOT from the suppliers and am disappointed in the response I was given. got an email from the sales manger apologising saying the problem is theres and not mine and to bring the goods in to send to the supplier. THAT might work for you too? the pen [at times can be mightier then the sword] Let them know in wriitng that you have already tried to get your jacket changed [or what ever you discussed] explain the jacket is still unmarked etc, and advise them that you are a part of a very large motorcycling community and that you will take it further if you dont get a prompt response with proper support you believe should be getting [after sales service I beliebe it is called]
    failing that, walk in singlet and jacket and scream the house down attracting as much attention as you can till someone provides you with the help you require, but option 1 should work, it's alot of money being wasted and it is a life theratening situation that they have placed you in!! If you get headaches while riding and circulation is stopped too, that can lead to a nasty situation.
  5. +1. Stay cool, the carrot works better than the stick. Tell him that you simply cannot wear it and ask him what he suggests. If you get pissed off, it's much easier for them to (psychologically) close the door.

    Don't wear it without the liner, it's a functional part of the suit that allows slippage between the leather and your skin in an off.

    Good luck.
  6. Go in there, hulk out and stomp ****s!!!!
    That would be the most fun way to do it.