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DAINESE KIRISHIMA R leather jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mick No:8, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Hi guys
    I looking for a new leather jacket and can't decied on the following two
    1) DAINESE KIRISHIMA R jacket: $700
    2) DAINESE BORA jacket: $720
    The bora seems to have better specs (Titanium shoulder etc..), but I like look of the Kirishima alot better, and the Kirishima would fit me alot better too. Iwas hoping some one here who has wore any of them can give me so feed back on them would be great.

  2. Where can you get the Bora so cheat? I was around 1.2k if I recall it right.
  3. I bought the KIRISHIMA and love it. fits great, great with liner in and out
  4. I know that the Bora RRP was around $1200, How much was the DAINESE KIRISHIMA R jacket RRP ?
  5. i got my kirishima for 900 retail

    must be end of year sales @ action or something

    i saw dainese jackets for 700

    to answer your question...the kirishima is an awesome jacket in any weather ..but ive been called robocop a few times lol

    but im sure the bora wouldnt be much different?
  6. Dainese Bora Jacket kicks A**

    Just a conclusion to my post. I decided to buy the BORA jacket sz 46 instead of the KIRISHIMA paided an extra $20. Though I might as well rated it. This is the best jacket I have own, well I only have two other SPIDI Norick (blue/white/black), and a text RST summer jacket. Not sure if all Dainese is like this one but, the leather is so soft and light, like lamb skin while the Spidi is drum leather which is hard and heavy= feels safer. When you first but it on it can get hot because it's all black but onces riding the air flow is just awsome, when compareing it to my Norick. I know it's like comparing apples to oranges. I think I'm just a sucker for the humps both of mine have them. It has the Carbon, Titanium shoulder which I really like plus it reflex light at night which is really nice. It just has the word Dainese on the neck strip and the lower back which I really like, not flashy "LOOK AT ME I'M WEARING DAINESE" . I bottom lines is if you have that kind of cash to spend on a jacket, this is the one.
  7. But you still didn't tell us where you got it for this awesome price! :shock:
  8. But you still didn't tell us where you got it for this awesome price!
    I brought it from a friend of mine who brought it in Oct from PS in Melbourne. He sold it because he's going back to Vietnam for awhile and it's to hot to wear it over there. It was only woren about a handfull of time / still under warranty . I also asked for recipts just in case. The cheapest I saw it going for was $960 from PS Ringwood. I was going to check it out on the weekend but they could not get a hold of a 46 anywhere so I think I was lucky to get a size 46. Up date on the Bora. It was around 27c today in Melb, I wore the bora riding . It was totally awsome so much better than my SPIDI Norrick, in terms of comfatable vetarlation/soft leather. Usally I would sweat droppets but this time I was totally relax/ calm. comfatable riding gear= better rider.
  9. $720 for a Dainese Bora jacket is a hell of a price to get it at, is the kirishima still available?
  10. Don't think so, but found out that @ Peter Stevens they are sell them for $850 brand new, not sure about sizes.
  11. The Kirishima model is now end-of-line so it'll be pretty hard to get a size that fits unless you're super lucky.
    I tried my luck at mcas but only one that was 2 sizes too big :(
  12. I bought my santa monica for 950. its sweet as

    if you can ask for a back protector put in on the side cause they dont come with one.

    It fits just right and with the liner in it keeps u pretty toasty
  13. action motorcycles in sydney city have a dainese sale on

    cheapest are the izalco jackets at about $599, i think the kirishimas were around 699 (or 799 can't remember) and the most expensive ones were about 999 (down from 1299)
  14. its the same in parramatta

    but it will be difficult to find the right sizing
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  17. On the weekend that just passed, Action were still having the Dainese sale on older jackets