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Dainese jacket mod - now with extra reflectivity

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by curlsaugogo, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. My jacket was the first piece of gear that I acquired, and I based my entire kit around it (including the bike!). I purchased it 2nd hand on ebay after not being able to find anything in the shops that wasn't largely road-coloured. Some poor bloke had bought it for his girlf on special at 800 clams, but she had "flown off on her broomstick", :facepalm:

    So I bought from him for $400 after checking at P.S. that the size was purrrrrfect for me. It still had the tags in and everything 8-[

    But it is an older model, and it doesn't have any reflectivity - hence the mod.

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  2. You people are very tricky, getting text in between your photos somehow - I can only seem to do it by posting again!

    Anyhoo, the idea was to cover the silver leather with reflective fabric. I got this from the US but it is available on ebay.

    I traced the silver sections with tracing paper, checked them back against the jacket, and then cut the same template out of the tape. This was fun for about 10 minutes.:roll:

    But now I have all my bits cut to form and some spray glue.

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  3. Time for a test patch.

    Kinda worked, had a little bit of slip for a minute to allow me to get it in place, and Im trying to tuck the edge under the seams where possible with that little file.

    The problem here was that a smear of the spray glue snuck around to the wrong side...gonna have to be careful of that. But otherwise it seems to be dying up nicely without the glue showing through from the back.

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  4. So will see how that dries and takes overnight, and hopefully take the plunge tomorrow with the rest. Have just given the rest of the silver bits a sponge down too so they are clean.
  5. Nice work - I always like seeing people do the mcgyver thing
  6. great idea you got there curls
  7. Ive no doubt the suspense is killing you all, but one must be patient with the ancient japanese art of rice weighting......ohhhhhmmmmmmm......

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  8. pre/post shots of the front of the jacket in the deep dark garage with my headtorch on.

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  9. Nicely done. =D> Hopefully the extra visibility pays good dividends out there on the road.
  10. put a flashing led array on the back =P
  11. Speaking of, MacGyver has been around for 25 years this year.
  12. Great job curls. Good innovativeness.
  13. Actually the innovation is attributable to my friend Charlie who did similar with a textile jacket.

    Thanks Chaaaaaarrrlllliiiiieeeee!
  14. Very impressive craftmanship.
    A jacket Michael Jackson would be proud to own.
    I think i can just make out a nipple in that last shot?