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Dainese jacket/gloves & Shoei Helmets (Melbourne)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ozi, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Currently shopping around for a Dainese leather jacket, gloves, a shoei helmet (XR1000 or 1100) and some Draggin jeans. Can anyone recommend a place to get these in Melbourne? Are there any discounters around or do I have to just go to Peter Stevens and pay RRP?

    I'm a newby to the bike scene and this is my first set of gear :)


  2. Peter Stevens has their own discount store around the corner from their big store. It's on a'becket street inside harley heaven. You can also try AMX (Australian Motorcylce Accessories). They have stores in Bayswater and Tullamarine.
  3. Thanks Electro. I have been to the PS clearance centre, but all they had was left over stock which was either too big/small or not the style I liked.

    Same thing with AMX. They have Shoei helmets on sale, but the colour schemes don't match my bike. I also didn't like the jackets they had there. I think I am set on Dainese for my leathers :)

    I'm a picky b@stard aren't I? LOL
  4. Try Ringwood ozi.
    Ive had a lot of good service from different stores there and the guys are generally happy to beat PS prices too.
  5. I was at the PS clearance centre on A'Becket the other day and they had some Shoeis for 650 bucks...they might still have a few left.
  6. try on as much as you can in PS. get the US or UK(EUR?) size from the tag of the stuff you like and buy from overseas if you can. exchange rates are awesome at the moment.

    Don't think this would apply to Draggins?