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Dainese Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by rengel, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Guys,

    Just invested in a pair of Firestarter GV Dainese Gloves.
    They look quite bulky, and racey. But once they're on they feel absolutely fantastic.
    I've been riding around with RJay's for the past year (stitching is coming off.. doesn't feel very strong at all!), and now that I've done the upgrade, I'll never go back!!

    Highly recommended.

  2. I've a pair of Dainese sports gloves (not firestarters) and they have held up well through a couple of spills over 2 years, but now I've found my faves I won't go back.

    I highly recommend Joe Rocket gloves. They come in all price ranges, but the best feature is the suppleness of the leather. The Dainese's were roo leather (and soft), but they can't compare to the Joe Rocket's. Seriously, try some next time you are at a dealer you will be amazed just as I was! Don't want to sound like a paid endorsement, but I was blown away by how soft they felt.

    Anyone else got Joe Rocket's?
  3. I've got the GPX model, sporting enough, and plenty of protection methinks but without the exorbiatant pricetag of some of the higher models/bigger brands.
  4. I've got the Nova model (Joe Rocket). They are extremely comfy and soft and certainly look the part :D

    They are a summer glove though, so I might have to revert back to the old gloves next winter because they were most certainly warmer.
  5. I just bought some Joe Rockets, Matt232's a big rap for them as well I seem to recall...?

    They're beautifully soft, great feel, well aerated for hot days... I just wonder if such soft leather will be as durable? Certainly no complaints so far.
  6. how much do these quality gloves cost? ball park figure
  7. The rockets or the dainese?
    Dainese are around $180.
  8.  Top
  9. i got top of the range spidi carbovent gloves off ebay 2nd hand but new condition for $150. rrp $450.

    these gloves are awesome!! top protection! came off my bike and slid on the right palm of my glove quite hard on rought bitumen. i expected some grazing or cheddering of the palm but........NOTHING!! i cann't even see light grazing which is amazing!! very happy with them.

  10. Slyfox - good for you ;)
  11. I've got a pair of Dainese winter gloves, the exceptionally warm ones. They are absolutely fantastic. I've never had warm hands until this pair, and i've had a few! As was said before, for winter gloves i'm not going back to anything else!
    They are very comfortable, and despite being so warm not bulky, not difficult to operate controls.
  12. faldsron: which kind were they??
  13. Yes excellent glove. I have the same and love them. but yes not good for the cold mornings!! :D
  14. Unfortunately I threw out the packaging as soon as I bought them, and cant remember the name! And there is nothing on the gloves themselves indicating the type name either, and i cant find any pictures of it on the net!
    They were at Peter Stevens if that helps at all!
  15. lol these are my expiriances with gloves:

    firs pair from MARS $30 lasted for 3 months

    Second pair from PS $40 lasted for 4 months

    Third pair from PS $80 lasted for 8 months

    Forth pair from Action for $180 (discounted from $210) lasted for 2 years... when I bought them they were to small but streched to fit so well!! the only reason why I'm not wearing them coz I stabed my self in the thumb and bled inside the gloves till I got to the doctors!!

    Fifth pair form Mars for $60... cant find the difference b/w them and the last pair I had... just different brand name... been wearing them for 1.5 years... this pair I bought just right and they have streched a bit in that time making them a bit to big...

    So some times you get what you pay for and some times you get better!!
  16. True...
    First balked at spending 200odd Euros on a pair of gloves, 5 years later a tiny edge of the top-velcro patch/ right glove has come loose (1 min with the sewing machine fixed it). Down on the road, down on the dirt twice....the kangaroo leather doesn't show a mark.
    Best gloves I've ever had...and the cheapest (considering the previously usual $80-150 per-year-glove, yes...they get abused).....but definitely the best thought-out glove (in terms of protection) I've come across yet.

    AFAIK, not available in AUS. Some sort of Held importer is in Myrtleford, but seems have no stock/ no retailers, never seen an add for Held stuff in any of the mags....pity.

  17. what brands were they?
  18. I wish I wrote it down.. cheep stuf the old ones... the second last was a good brand name but I cant remember the name... the one's I using now are Race Tek Nitro??