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Dainese glove stitching comes undone?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by spongesam, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I bought a pair of Dainese gloves when i started riding (last december)

    All was going well... until today... got home and found my left glove, the thumb... has had the stitching come undone...

    the gloves wouldn't have even seen 2000k's yet...

    would there be some sort of warranty or replacement or repair available?

    (hunting for receipt at the moment :( )
  2. bloody hell....2000k's since december...pmsl.
    Ive done 7500 since jan 18th

    Im not sure about warranty..but Id reckon you could get them repaired.
  3. about 1900k's have been done in the last 2 months since getting my GPX :p
  4. I would be taking them back to where you bought them.

    Unless you have had an off, then I would not expect the stitching to be coming undone.

    If you have had an off, then they have done their job and you cannot expect them to be replaced under warranty.

    I have a Dainese Jacket and Pants (Cordura) and the jacket held up extremely well from an off.

  5. pics are here...

    1st glove that has lost stitching...
    2nd is the other glove...completely fine

    there's been no offs with the glove... and they were a nice glove too... $150!


  6. Yep, I would be taking them back.

    They make a damn good product, and they shouldn't have any problems with repairing / replacing them.

    I certainly believe in their stuff. It's saved my arse. The Dainese and A* Stuff.... You pay for quality, but when you have issues, they sort them because they value their reputation.

  7. my concern is the lack of reciept i have :(:(:(
  8. WTFBBQROLFCOPTER... aka woot...

    i found the receipt :) i knew i woudln't have thrown it! (now i just gotta clean my room!)

    spoke to peter stevens n i can bring them in tuesday :) ahhhhhhh i have piece of mind now...
  9. i have those same gloves, done about 10,000 k's on em, they been fine for me. The only thing is the stiching des fray a little bit but get a lighter and burn it back and its fine, stops it fraying after that.
    They are bloody good gloves, you get loads of feeling for the bike out of them.
  10. Mine lasted 2 years. Had an off and they fell apart. $130

    Bought some alpinestars as the next pair. I retired them 7 years later.

    I just wish they would pad the left thumb more.
    I'm one of those that cancels the indicator button every couple of minutes.

    My new gloves are C&R sports. They fell very nice, well built, well ventilated. Will see how long they last.

    Whilst we are on the subject of gloves,

    Had onther Pakistani leather place spam us today, I decided to reply to this one because they said,

    if you have any business interst,we ready to send sample
    The came back with,
    Thanks for your kind email,please have a look the our online web site: and tell us which you are intresting artical.
    So I sent them out mailing address.
    Lets see if a soccerballl turns up :LOL:
  11. My daineses also fell apart after a minor stack. Stitching was coming apart along the fingers as described. I'm happy with the spidis that I've got now, got them new off ebay for a bargain, but would have preferred joe rockets if I was paying retail price (comfiest by FAR).
  12. well, when i go in on tuesday i'll check out some winter gloves... won't be buying yet though... although i might... i don't have a spare pair to wear in the meantime :(:(
  13. took my gloves and my helmet into PS today...

    very friendly etc...

    think they should have both back by friday
    (crossing fingers)

    but :( currently wearing some beaten up gloves and a dodgey helmet :(
  14. yo spongesam, I've got the same gloves, stitching has come undone at the exact same spot, but mine is the result of a low speed off i'm pretty sure.

    Looks like a bit of a weakness in the design maybe :eek:

    Also... the thumb area has developed a funky smell, my thumb pretty much stinks like arse after a ride.

    Wrong. Doesn't happen with any other gloves I have, tried to soak it a bit in detol... no help :p