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Dainese for women

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by eve, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Before I start I'd like to point out I have conducted a 'search' and was limited to my findings.

    Firstly - does any one know of a good place to purchase women's Dainese jackets? I have been to one big store in Melbourne but didn’t like the selection.

    Secondly - I currently have a textile jacket - that I don’t like very much but bought it on the day I got my bike so that I could ride it immediately


    So I am thinking of selling the textile jacket - should I buy another textile or go leather?

    I have never had leather so am interested in opinions.


  2. Wont matter either way so long as you make sure it is pink

    If you require further advice please consult Girls_bikes_Go_Vroom_Vroom.

  3. Wont matter either way?

    What rock did u crawl from under?

    Leather may be better for summer etc.... Ah man - your the one who should be wearing pink.

  4. just bought a textile jacket for my gf, we wanted leather but none of the stores did much in the way of leather for women. Hardly anything at all.

    If you're bored with your textile and want something else, then by all means go leather. I don't have any dramas wearing leather jacket even on very hot days in summer (and mine is solid black), just need to make sure you take the liner out and keep moving

    your best bet might be to just use your local stores to get an idea of what size you would need in the Dainese range, then actually buy it online. Even if you get the size wrong, you would probably still save enough cash to cover the costs of returning it and getting the right size. and then some. plenty of good net sites out there, but i'd be wary of evilbay, methinks there might be a lot of non-genuine alpinestars and dainese stuff out there.

    And FWIW, my leather jacket is Dainese, and I have never once regretted spending the dosh. Very, very happy with it.
  5. Keep the textile, leather's not much chop in the rain and cold, there's plenty of situations where the textile will be better.
  6. Thank you!!

    The textile felt good and i already know sizeing etc

    can you recommend on line stores?
    the only ones i found are baised in america -
  7. I get my Dainese from http://www.bimoto.be/ They are in Belgium so shipping can get expensive, but there prices are good. They have the latest gear and also sales for older stock which is reduced a lot in price.

    If you email them, they are also helpful with sizing.
  8. There are nice design available in europe that is not available here. pity.

    buy leather. they are sexier :p
  9. ;0

    buy leather.
    looks better and is better protection.
    does it have to be dainese??? there are plenty of good brands out there.
  10. Peter Stevens own the company that imports/distributes the Dainese range.. so if they dont have it on the shelf.. it'll be in their warehouse.. or it's not available in Oz.

    look at the Dainese website and choose a style you like.. then go see if it's available here.. find your size and order from your local bike shop..
  11. Yeah, no sense of innovation here in Aus when it comes to motorcycle clothing. Just same old black, boring black from all the usual suspects... it's like we're a third world market for the cast offs.
  12. Far too much black motorcycling gear, thats for sure. My kingdom for some colour!
  13. Problem is with black - although I do like black, I worry about visibility. On a motorcycle you have to constantly assume you are invisible to cage drivers, but I'm sure wearing dark colours don't help (despite the sliming factor).
    Back on track Eve, I decided against leather because where I live the weather is so unpredictable, that I needed something that could handle rain through to heat all on the one day :wink: So my textile (motordry) handles the wet well and the vents and removable quilted lining is great for the hot times.
  14. +1

    I rode 600k's on Friday through quite possibly the worst riding weather I've ever encountered in a leather jacket. If you dressed me in my riding gear and dropped me in the ocean you'd get an idea of how wet I was :cry:

    ...and cold
  15. +2

    My textile/synthetic jacket has a removable waterproof/wind proof liner. I've had it rain an ocean on me while I've been stuck in stationary traffic - I stayed nicely dry on the inside and the outside of the jacket dried out once I started moving again.
  16. Leather:-
    Hot in Summer, Cold in Winter, doesn't breath, yet soaks up rain like a sponge, Stretches after it gets wet, yet doesn't stretch if you stretch(horizontally).

    Looks Cool!
  17. Thank you everyone for your imput

    I went to bikesplus - they told me they can order just about anything i see.

    Will maybe get textile first (selling my hideous one) -
    then for leather!!


    thanks again.
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  19. mmmm, women who ride motorcycles...

    I think leathers are best for moderate conditions where you aren't going to get too hot or too cold and you require the best protection you can get. Which sounds a lot like when you are riding on a track - always moving, concentrating on one thing and require the best protection you can get.

    A good textile jacket and pants with excellent armour materials and placement will be way more suitable for daily use than a leather suit in my opinion.

    The well armoured mesh textile jackets which are well designed with latest materials are the way to go for summer. They let air in like a sieve and the armour is better than having only leather.

    You might want to consider getting a textile set for summer and winter if the seasons are extreme, as you always want your protective clothing to fit snugly and if you are using a summer jacket, for winter, with lining and merino liners with polartech fabric it's probably going to be a little big in summer and tight in winter. When the clothing fits well, the armour is less likely to move significantly during an accident.

    The problem is, there isn't much design thought being put into textile jackets and pants that phyically join well together and work as a suit, at least not in the australian market... and if there is, it's black or grey with flecks of colour paneling (at least that's what guys can expect).

    Everyone you talk to who is after specifics in motorcycle clothing (as opposed to those that just cruise into any shop and pick any 'she'll be right' clothing off the shelf) comments about the distinct lack in availability and choice. It's weired, you think designers would get it into their heads to come up with some innovative products that can address as many requirements as possible.

    Maybe some do but they aren't selling them in Australia (or the retailers here aren't importing them) because they think too many Aussies are too bogan to be that descerning about their purchases... who knows.
  20. Wow

    I will look at a textile jacket before the leather

    I just thought leather keeps you cooler in summer but i guess its a myth.