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Dainese Delmar

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dastrix, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Is the intergrated neck support comfortable and very beneficial??

    Anyone know where its going for a good price??

  2. Tried it on in a shop , seemed ok although its hard to tell unless riding with it.

    Im on the look out to getting one very soon.

    There is no good price anywhere. They have all gone up by $100 or so in PS as they blame the weak AU$.

    Best Ive found is a place in England and even then its almost a grand when you factor in 65 quid postage and the inevitable % or two your card issuer or bank wil;l take for conversion , not to mention the poor rate they will give.

    Let me know if you find anywhere. Failing that they may give a discount if we both ought one at the same time??
  3. MCAS has it for about $1100..

    I've brought loads of gear there and asked for a discount but they dont discount dainese - no idea why. Perhaps its that stupid elite brand status rubbish..

    Ill keep my eyes pealed..
  4. $1150 straight off the shelf in PS on Elizabeth St , PS in Ringwood told me the same although they didnt have my size & colour in stock.

    Good luck!
  5. What are we talking about here? Any pics or website links to the neck support item?
  6. The neck piece seems comfortable for me once you get used to it but from the very first time I tried the jacket on it felt a little funny and annoying but then again you can always take out the neck piece either way, not too sure how beneficial this is but every protection counts right?.

    Purchased mine for $1100 at PS, apparently with Dainese gear they can't take much off there retail price due to it being high for them to get in from the distributors seeing as everyone is out to make $$$.

    Benlore: the neck support item is a Dainese Neck 5
  7. isnt this gonna affect ability to turn your head? like head checks and stuff, perving on the hottie out for a jog, etc?

    or you simply buying this for racing?
  8. this does affect your ability to turn your head at what you normally would by shortening it to probably 45 degrees, not sure about other people but thats what it does for me.
  9. my neck protector went right out the first day i had my delmar, :grin: too restrictive id rather be able to see whats going on around me than to see how far my neck can bend
  10. I brought the jacket and find the protector ok.. im using it ;)
  11. just had to bring this thread back alive, this jacket is awesome haven't had any troubles with it and with that special material inside it, it seems to actually be working since I haven't broken a sweat yet compared to wearing my summer jacket even in this weather! :grin:
  12. 100%, i LOVE mine!