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Dainese Delmar vs. Astars Tech 1R Jackets, your opinion

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chuchu91, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    A mate and myself are looking at investing in a leather jacket. As the title says we're looking at either Dainese Delmar (new perforated model, hoping it would be cooler in the aussie sun) and the Astars Tech 1R jacket.

    Delmar $999
    -Co-injected shoulder with titanium insert
    -D-Skin leater and S1 Fabrics
    -Neck 5 neck support
    -3D bubble liner
    -Back hump
    -Pocket for back protector


    Tech 1R $899
    -1.3mm top grade leather
    -Perforated panels
    -Back hump
    -External PU shoulder protectors
    -Pockets for chest and back protectors
    -3D bubble lining
    -YKK zippers

    Tech 1r.

    Both jackets roughly the same price. Anyone with experience with these jackets?

    I mainly commute but i am looking for a jacket to use on weekend rides.

    Thanks Netriders
  2. Not a big fan of either brand, but if i had to pick between the two, I'd probably go A*

    Have a good look at the stitching on both before you buy, particularly around the collars, cuffs and zippers and don't buy A* from ebay :)
  3. Both jackets are very good choices, I'm sure you will be happy with either one. I have had the Alpinestars Tech 1-R for the last few months. Have posted up a review about them in below thread.
    Alpinestars Tech 1-R Leather Jacket
    Can also find more information on the Alpinestars Tech 1-R jacket in this thread
    Alpinestars MX-1 Leather Jacket $500 new..
    I mainly also commute but use this jacket for evening and weekend rides.
    Looking at both jackets the first thing that strikes my mind is the fact that you would be spending great length of time in maintaining the cleanliness of the Dainese Delmar jacket unless you get it in another colour. If you like keeping your bike/clothing clean at all times and don't mind doing this then I say go for it.
    Don't know why omcl is saying not to buy Alpinestars jackets from ebay unless there are fakes to worry about but being in the industry I'd be inclined to follow his advice.
    Bought my jacket from Riders Discount US online store after exchanging a few emails with John from there. Cost slightly 1/2 more (including postage) than the above posted price Australian retailers are asking for them.
    The Alinestars Tech 1-R is the top half of what current motogp/wsbk/moto2/supersport riders out there sporting this brand are wearing. It is pretty much the latest technology and design made available to the public at a fraction of the price other brands sell them for.
    The ventilation thru the perforated panels is good. Small gripe would be that accessing the 2 external side pockets gloved/ungloved is hard as the zip is tucked inside the flaps and needs some effort to expose zips to put stuff in and out. I make do with the plentiful inside pocket options.
  4. I found the difference between the the Tech 1R and i think it was this Dainese jacket to be that the A*'s feels alot more racing oriented, the design in the arms and elbows is more of a ride ready position as both have significant bends.The Dainese is more of just a normal cut. The A* is also longer then the Dainese.

    I ended up purchasing the Tech 1 and i can honestly say it is an awesome jacket. It breathes like nothing you will ever wear, it lets air in but is not drafty all. Its comfortable in both warm and cold weather.

    The Tech 1 also requires gauntlet style gloves and the white is pretty much out of stock globally.

    Excellent jacket tho!
  5. There's quite a bit of fake A* gear doing the rounds on ebay. We've not seen any jackets yet, but we've seen a few fake suits (and some gloves) in the shop over the last few months. All bought on ebay.
    They're easy to spot though - the owners always realise they're fakes as soon as they open the parcel.
  6. ^^ RS Taichi is good gear :beer:
  7. What is everyones opinion on the humps?

    Both these jackets have humps, my mate likes them I couldn't care less. Do they serve much more than an ascetic aspect? How well do they go with backpacks? I usually use a a* tech aero backpack. Quiet a large/long pack, awesome for riders though. that's another thread though

    Would it affect it much?
  8. Humps are there to protect you from snapping your neck, not a fashion statement
  9. Sorry but it has to be said....getting matching jackets with your mate is kinda ghey
  10. best to try both and see what fits you better. i find the astar doesnt fit me as well as the dainese.

    i'm curious where are you found a perforated white delmar in stock? I've searched all around sydney and online stores overseas and all the places I checked are out of stock for my size.

    In the end i bought online from bimoto for less than half what they charge here. They have some dainese rapture jackets going for €329,92 atm which is about $450 here
  11. I have a Dainese New Delmar, and recently tested it at 100km/h+ (I wasn't looking at the speedo but judging by the speeds I usually do down that stretch of road) for your benefit.

    It held up wonderfully and is still useable. Bike, notsomuch.

    Has the usual scuff/scratches in the leather at contact points but apart from that is fine. I took hits to both elbows and a shoulder by the look of things on the jacket, shoulder was merely an annoyance elbows were unaffected.
  12. Guess who has a new jacket. Went into action try both on. Tech 1r it was.

    If anyone is interested. Action mc parramatta has a large range of dainese leathers going for 550