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Dainese Delmar Leather Short Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by taiheung, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Recently picked up a Dainese Delmar leather short jacket in the Nero/Nero/Nero colour scheme and thought I'd post up a review and try to seek other's opinions.

    From my early impressions the thing is top notch - it has titanium inserts in the shoulders and sturdy mouldable inserts down the length of the forearm and elbows that if nothing else inspire some confidence. It also features a 'speed hump' on the rear in true Rossi-wanna be style. I can't tell you what (if any) practical application it has on public roads but I like the fact it's another piece of padding to protect me in the event of an off. A downside in context of protection is the lack of a back protector. I had to buy a separate back protector insert (I got a ribbed Dainese one, that weighs a fcuk load) to put something other than just leather between my spine and the world.

    Fit is completely variable but I'm approx 170cm / 64kg / athletic and bought a size 46 - it is really fitted and I have no doubt the leather will hold in all the right places in an off.

    One of the new features that puts this jacket above the rest is the new NECK protection device, which is a really basic neck protection brace - it is made of plastic inserts that follow your neck up to the base of your skull and prevents your head from tilting unnaturally backwards. The one used in this jacket is the Neck 5, which also features plates that cross over your shoulder blades. I haven't read up on it enough but I assume it's better than not having it there. If you really wanted to be sure you're covering yourself BMW have recently introduced a full motor sport style neck brace that while extreme will prevent your neck from bending unnaturally in all directions - aka true F1/MotoGP style.

    Comfort - I obviously haven't used the jacket in hot weather yet, but from what I've experienced of it winter I don't know if it would be ideal. Dainese have said that due to its 'air pocket' design it is adaptable to all climates but I have my doubts. The thing insulates way too well and the zipper pockets designed to let more air in are tiny (not yet tested). To define the jacket's winter effectiveness:

    On Saturday during the day I rode to a mate's house wearing quite a few layers, being used to my old jacket - to be precise a singlet, t-shirt, then jumper and I broke a slight sweat dawdling through WYD traffic jams. Last night however I hoped on to do what was initially meant to be a short run to the video store wearing only a singlet and one thermal layer. It was 10pm at night and I ended up spending over 40 minutes on the machine running around Olympic park and back streets. I got off the bike feeling pretty damn toasty! I didn't feel any draft at all and air was only penetrating through the fabric sections designed to cool your under arms but this didn't circulate around the rest of the jacket. This was a huge change from having to rug up with multiple layers.

    The only downside is the weight of the back protector, which I'm sure I'll get used to - and also having a neck protector jammed into the back of your skull. It forces you to sit in a much racier position as you're not able to chuck your neck back to look 100% forward (or even with your nose up) - you spend most of your time with your eyes at the top of your sockets as the back protector keeps things straight. This however also has to do with the position of the rider and the sporty riding position of my bike does no favours, if you were on a more upright bike this would not be noticeable.

    From the perspective of a street riding jacket I give it 4 stars. It loses 1 point for the lack of a back protector. I don't really consider the uncomfortable neck brace as a minus as it is removable and there's no such thing as being over protected - especially if you plan on using this on the track. Also untested is its summer suitability - but then again I had never planned to use it in Australia's summer, instead I'll be hunting for a full vented short jacket come Spring.

    The end!
  2. This can be found on page 6 of this PDF from BMW

    Looks the business. I tried the LEAT BRACE on a couple of years ago. It didn't feel overly restrictive.. Of course, in real world conditions it may be different.
  3. Thanks for the write up. I'll show this to my friend who wants to buy a Delmar. I haven't experienced their new "bubble liner" yet, but it does sound too good to be true (hot in cold and cold in hot weather)...

    I have two Dainese jackets, a Repsol which I wear mainly in winter and the Santa Monica perforated, which keeps me fairly cool (minus lining) in summer (provided I'm moving and not sitting still in traffic).

    I normally I have my zip 3/4 up in summer anyway.
  4. Hi,

    How much did you get your Dainese delmar jacket for?
  5. I'm looking to get this jacket for summer, but I think the perforated version might be better. I've seen this on the web in white/black but not the black/black/black version.

    You should also have a look at the Forcefield back protectors, they're foam and can be reused if you crash (unlike the Dainese ones) and the back protector is CE rated higher than the Dainese too!
  6. Bit of a bump here....

    Have you (or anyone else for that matter) got an update of how the jacket feels during summer? Does the bubble liner insulate as you expected or does it do its job?

    Im looking at getting one of these very soon but Im from the far North of England and as such am like a bloody vampire during the day here in Jan / feb. Even this weekend just gone I was out all day wearing a tshirt and mesh jacket and was getting towards uncomfortable in the heat.

  7. I have the perforated version. It gets pretty hot in summer unless I'm moving at a decent pace. It's meant to be a tight-fit leather jacket, after all.

    As for the bubble liner, it can insulate from extreme heat for, say, 20 minutes before the buildup of body heat catches up with or exceeds the ambient temperature.
  8. when you say you had to buy a back protector, did you buy one that slots into the jacket or one that you strap on and wear the jacket over?
  9. OP, how's the Neck 5 system, are you still using it?

  10. The neck protector? It's a bit annoying at first but you get used to it.
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  11. Can someone please let me know how the jacket holds up in cold weather?
  12. I don't have anything to compare to, but it's pretty uncomfortable on cold days. You have to wear additional layers to stay warm.