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webBikeWorld Dainese D-Explorer - The Perfect All-Season 3/4 Length Adventure Touring Jacket?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Summary
    Just when you thought that every possible iteration of the classic 3/4-length motorcycle jacket had been done, along comes the Dainese D-Explorer.

    This may just well be the "perfect" all-season, all-around, touring, dual-sporting and adventure-touring outfit you'll find.

    Or should we append a "yet" to that sentence?

    If it weren't for one very special feature on both the D-Explorer jacket and pants, this wouldn't be all that much different than any of the other high-quality Dainese 3/4 length outfits we've come to know, respect and admire.

    But the D-Explorer has a killer feature: the most unique front, rear and sleeve venting system you'll find.

    It means the jacket converts from a full-on winter protecto to a super-cool ventilated shell for the hottest summer days.

    In fact, that capability is the "holy grail" of motorcycle gear. Many have tried and few - or none - have succeeded.

    The phenomenal all-season capability of the D-Explorer, combined with its Gore-Tex water- and wind-proof liners and the superb build quality make it worth the rather hefty asking price. Besides, you also get a D-Wave back protector; something we've been pressing for on high-end jackets and the manufacturers have responded.

    That lofty price may just well be worth it; after all, the D-Explorer is literally two outfits in one - a true all-season outfit that, knowing Dainese quality, should also stand the test of time.

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  2. Just grabbed one of these direct from Dainese.
    Arrived this morning and took it for a ride in 30 degree weather with the ventilation flaps wide open front and back. Fantastic air flow to the body even at 60kph. Wasn't cheap, but it's a true four season jacket and it's very well crafted. Can't really compare it to anything as I'm a relatively new rider, but I'm very happy with my purchase so far. Gonna grab the pants to match soon too
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