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Dainese Cafe Boots

Discussion in 'Boots' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. 28jk7lf.

    Ok so time for another review. Recently picked up these boots from bimoto.be, which seemed to be the cheapest online, the boots are fairly pricey for what they are (aimed at the ducatista/deusbag crowd for sure), but they have them for $200 PP, which is around $40 to sydney, and took about a week, so im happy with bimoto.be.

    Anyway, onto the boots, they are a doc martin style vintage looking boot, they are quite high, 8 holes, and have a fairly chunky sole, they are chunkyer than they look in photos. They are all leather, nice thick stuff that should age well and break in nicely, they feature reinforcing plastic at the ankles, heel and toe, they wont do much for impact protection, but should be very abrasion resistant and wont come off, so likely if you come off bad in them, you will break your ankle/leg but keep the skin looking nice and all your toes, its a compromise between casual look and protection.

    Thats the reason i have these boots, i need something to ride to uni in, currently squidding in my boat shoes, a really dumb thing to do, but i care about the way i look and i want to look decent for uni, im 20, not some 45 year old returning rider who has given up, so its important to me that when im off bike i dont look like im wearing riding gear. There is simply no way i can stash boots at uni however, my backpack is full of textile jacket annd books. Hence i bought these boots to wear while im at uni, im aiming for the hard**** look with the plain white T, tight black jeans and vintage leather jacket (on its way from gimoto) and sunglasses. **** yeah stereotypes.

    Anyway i got these boots the other day, so far been for a few short commuting rides, and worn them around as shoes for the last two days. In terms of off bike walking around, they are very very comfortable, pretty much nobody noticed that they are bike boots they just look like big **** off boots. Nobody mentioned anything at this party i was at last night in Paddington, and those people are judgemental. pretty much, they pass fine for shoes, no dramas.

    As for bike boots, they are ok, easy to ride in, feel quite protective even though they really are not, they do offer a large degree of protection compared to wearing boat shoes though, i think for their intended use, which is city riding and commuting, they will protect you fine, the armour in them is decent and they feel very very sturdy, the all leather construction essentially offers limitless abrasion potential, not that your going to wear these at eastern creek. I think for the price, they could be a bit more protective, and i think the sole should have a more reinforced shank in it, but that would make them way more bulky and more obvious. I feel like these boots are the most realistic compromise in shoe useablity and motorcycle protection.

    They are fairly expensive though, it hurt spending almost as much on a pair of boots with hardly any protection as i did on my race boots, but they are a very high quality product at least, they do feel like a $260 dollar shoe (RRP)

    I would recommend these to anyone who needs to ride around and look decent, they are great for uni, riding to social events, going to the pub, as work boots, in some offices they might pass for office shoes if your pants covered most of the laces. A very versatile boot for sure.

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  2. :) Nice write up. The shoes look nice as well! (y)
  3. yeah man im in the same boat as you i hate hate HATE looking like a poweranger and just tuck my skinnys into my boots

    unfortunately i don't have a bike rack or backpack big enough so im forced to carry my helmet and leather jacket everywhere.
    feel like a dick but thems the breaks

    i know everyone hates icon and im not that big a fan aswell but have to seen the icon 1000 boots ??? id wear them no worries but they are pricey too
  4. + 1 for Bimoto cause they really are bloody awesome. They were extremely helpful with getting the right sizing and their prices were pretty much the cheapest i could find for Dainese gear.
  5. yeah bimoto really helped with sizing, they made me trace my foot and fax it to them so they could ensure the size would be good, and the size is good!

    Cats meow:

    get a small bike lock, the steel cable sheathed in plastic style, wrap it around the chin bar of the helmet and then wrap it around something unremovable, e.g. pillion grab handle, handle bar mount, top triple clamp, frame and lock it to the bike, will be very secure and better than a helmet lock as people can cut the straps and steal your helmet that way. (i am aware that renders the helmet useless, but if someone wants to steal your bike too, they will do it for sure)

    Thats what i used to do on my old bike that didnt have a helmet lock.

    As for the jacket, i would say buy something like a duffle bag, that will allow you to lay the back of the jacket on the bottom of the back, then fold the sleeves in and put your books on top.

    Im just buying a jacket that looks casual enough to wear off bike, no way i would wear a modern style leather jacket off the bike though.

    EDIT: more about the boots, wore them at work today, nobody noticed except a guy who rides who wanted to know more about them. pretty discrete with jeans over them, you dont really notice the shifter pad either.
  6. Up here you'd look like a bit of a tool. Amazing how stereotypes differ.

    I tried the Cafe boots, I was worried about the lack of impact protection around the ankle.

    If you're after a modern jacket that looks good off bike and not very 'rider' take a look at the Ixon Copper Rock http://www.ixon.com/www/Version1.0/index.php?ID=
    Looks great in person, I wear it on nights out. Has armour where you want it and you can swap in hard armour for your back

    EDIT: Just read the above RE bike locks and I recommend against it if you have another choice. At least with a helmet lock they have to essentially destroy the helment to get it off. You can just cut a bike lock and hey! free helmet. If you can conceal the cable under the seat or similar that could work. As long as you can't get a pair of cutters to it
  7. yeah i was eyeing that off today when i pulled up at uni someone next to me had a bike chain connecting to the helmet / jacket.

    my bike has got a helmet lock but it scratched my visor so never again...

    jacket is fine for me, just put a hoodie under mine seems to tie it all together nicely (dainese newsan 1st series) i just need some sweet boots but that being said mine have held up well in a get off so i cant complain really.

    and yeah i get the look your going for, im trying to find a mid ground for it rugged yet stylish haha but functional as well. i just wished they made kevlar jeans in real skinny cuts. been looking at urban kreation its mainly aimed at bmx and skating but its got to be better than my cheap mondays
  8. Otherwise known as the douchebag look.

    Seriously why are you students even sober enough to notice there are other people at Uni? :-s
  9. because i ride a motorcycle and its not the 1970s and i will be thrown in jail for drink riding by the end of the semester?

    i crashed in my nudie jeans and i am still here to tell the tale. Im going to buy some knee armour and wear it over my jeans so i can take it off eaisly when i arrive (i dont feel like taking off my pants on the street) i think that would give you a decent level of protection, for city riding abrasion is rarely the issue, its impact. So normally fashion jeans are ok if you not hitting the motorway.
  10. lol nothing wrong with looking good jd but i wouldnt expect someone from dull ol' Brisbane to keep up with us Melburnians. ;)

    yeah fair enough my mondays held up pretty good as well and iv been looking at the alpine stars bionic armours just really for my piece of mind. knee guards would be easy to chuck in a back pack too
  11. Yeah 'cause when you're 45 you may as well give up, throw in the towel and look like a tool.
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  12. I was referring more to the attitude that many many many bikers and NR's have, that of not giving a **** what other think about you, your bike, your gut, whatever. I meant given up on caring what others think. Something that comes with age i am told.
  13. Understood.

    Having said that I care about my gut, whether I have one and what others think of it.......:D Perhaps I need a bit more age on me.......cheers.

    Nice boots btw.
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  15. The look, well, goth??? To big for me.