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Dainese back protector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blue14, May 18, 2007.

  1. Just picked this up tonight from Bikes Plus in Nth Essendon. Never really contemplated one, but lately there have been to many serious back injuries. So serioulsy consider one riders..


  2. I picked up one for myself a few weeks back. They're great, although mine is alot smaller than yours Paulie! :p
  3. I actually got to buy mine off the rack.. :shock: Didnt have to wait for a real size to be ordered in.. :grin:

    And I could use yours for a shin guard.. :LOL:
  4. approx price ???
  5. $260 buckaroonies.. :grin:
  6. Same one I have, certified to Level 2 as well
  7. I have one of those back protectors as well. I brought it last November. The velcro on the front kidney belt wears out quickly though.

  8. I was thinking more a cricketer's box :p
  9. Thats better.. :LOL:
  10. I saw your post and what you bought. Cant have too much protection i say.. Greg at Bikes Plus said thats the only one he would sell me. :cool:

  11. Bulshit!!!! It's the only one that would fit you you sexy bastard :grin:
  12. Yeah that might be it.. :wink:
  13. I got the same one last November... hardly even know you're wearing it once you're riding but cheap insurance i say!
  14. Spot on mate.. :)