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Dainese 4-Stroke White (XL) BRAND NEW

Discussion in 'Archived' started by HunkyDory, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. #1 HunkyDory, Jun 13, 2012
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    Dainese 4-Stroke Gloves (XL) White BRAND NEW

    Hey guys,

    I made the purchase online, direct from a supplier in Italy about 2 weeks ago. Just arrived and to my disappointment, they don't fit! :( They're just-in, literally courier just dropped them off 20 minutes ago.


    These are the Dainese 4-strokes, in the white model. Size is XL. They are the "successor" of the Dainese Pistons, however, much more refined and technical.


    Tags are still on. I paid $160 including shipping for these. Would be happy to sell them for $130. Either pickup from Berwick, or a Saturday meet at the BP in Elwood. $5 extra for shipping to anywhere in Australia with tracking ID via AusPost.


    Here is a review of the gloves for you.


    Just PM me if you want any more details or if you want to buy them, thanks!
  2. Bump! :p

    Just got out of a 6 day hospital stay. :(

    Price dropped to $120

    Would like these gone asap. :)

    Thanks guys.
  3. the perils of purchasing on-line, eh??
  4. what happened to you? 6 days eating hospital food is not pleasant
  5. What size gloves do you normally take??

    As in, are they to large or too small for you, so we to get an idea if they would fit or not, also do they sell them in PS, I could try some on there to check the fit...
  6. Will you be at this saturday's meet? ill stop by for a look and a buy if they fit =]
  7. It's hard enough finding a store to buy genuine Dainese stuff in Australia that isn't a complete rip-off! :p

    Severe cellulitis. Now I have a hole in my leg that will probably take yonks to heal from inside-out. Can't put stitches because of the nature of the infection. :( Food wasn't too bad, just didn't realise it was a necessity to put the food through a blender before being served. :S

    They were slightly too small for me, I have a meaty hand but short fingers. Looks like the length of the fingers might be just right (including room needed when fingers are fisted to grip the handles) but I can't seem to get my hand in it! :p

    I've only ever tried putting on Alpinestars SMX-2's in Large which don't fit, XXL's which fit but the fingers are too long. :( They never had the XL in-store but I imagined they would be the fit. And I was told that the Dainese, in this model anyway, match the fit of most Alpinestars gloves, especially compared to the SMX-2's.

    Weather permitting, I have a friend who, as of late, often attends on his Kawi 250r (lime green). I'll be seeing him tonight at basketball and I'll try and get him to come along this weekend and I'm sure he'd be happy to possibly bring them down for you. If you PM me, I'll keep you posted on wether or not he's coming down, if not I should be able to make it down next weekend (weather permitting again).


    Thanks guys!
  8. If these are still for sale Im interested in buying them.

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