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*DailyTelegraph* Street racers clocked at over 180km/h

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by siwanut, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. TWO motorcyclists have been clocked racing each other at well over twice the speed limit in Sydney's south-west, police say.

    Police confiscated the motorbikes after spotting them travelling side by side at "extremely high speeds" along Roberts Road at Greenacre at 1pm (AEDT) on Saturday.

    Using a laser device, known as LIDAR, police discovered the bikes, a Yamaha and a Kawasaki, were travelling in excess of 180km/h in a 70km/h zone.

    Police stopped both motorcycles further along the road.

    The two riders, a 21-year-old man from Waterloo and a 19-year-old Kogarah man, were each charged with street racing, driving at a speed dangerous to the public and exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h.

    The men are due to appear at Bankstown Local Court on April 2.

    March 10, 2008 12:18pm

    "just though the laws are getting worst, and now we're prob gonna have new laws for P's, no more 660cc bikes untill full licence"

  2. I've wound my little 250 off the dial. It topped out at 180 I think and the needle went past that.

    A 250 will get up there given enough road.
  3. i think duke did that with his little cruiser, it went past the dial aswell and the engine started choking on him lol .. so he had to rebuild.
  4. These things shouldnt change any laws, because there is no law which lets you ride at 180kph anyway, the law has been broken so shouldnt reflect bad on anyone but those 2
  5. Top indicated I got my little Yamaha FZR250 to was 184km/hr.
  6. you guys did those runs on the tracks or road? . i wanna test mine out :)
  7. Track of course.. right guys? Or that 2005 holiday you had to the Northern Territory, before the speed limit came in?

    I wonder what the trap speed of a CBR250RR is at a proper dragstrip, actually. You could probably get to a good percentage of the top speed. Legally, too. Plus you get to take the moral high ground if you poop on a much more powerful vehicle in the first 60', 330'...
  8. Officially, this was carried out at the track, and definitely NOT on the big, long, straight, downhill on the F3 north of Sydney...
  9. ah ok, man i think track is too expensive for me .. hehe.. for a low income individual like mua
  10. Heh - think the track is expensive? Ask these guys how expensive the road is!
  11. isnt it like 200 sumthin dollars? .. but if anyone can teach me how to change oil, plugs and filter that might help me abit with the cost.. then i might consider taking it to track and learn a few more things :)..
  12. Checking the RTA quickly...

    More than 45kph over:
    $1,642, 6 points off your license and a visit to court.

    Maximum fine, if convicted by a court:
    $2,200, minimum 6 months suspension from your car, boat and bike license.

    Visiting the dragstrip for a night... $50 (I'm not sure how much the Sydney dragstrips cost - I've only got experience from Mackay, because there was nothing else to do there. ;) )

    A full track day... usually $120-170?
  13. oh wow ok.. track it is then. i'l jus hve to buy some leathers and maybe have more control with the bike then i might rip it down the tracks =]
  14. They should get off the racing charges.
    Why? It is legal to ride 2 abreast.
  15. So many of us have done what they allegedly did. They got busted, is the only difference.
  16. Time and place maybe? Bit silly in the city... if you're not on a Hell's Angels poker run or something equally steered clear of by the police that is...

    On the track or the wide open roads... well, it may still be silly but... :p
  17. I know of a certain 125cc bike that is capable of 170kmh indicated

    don't know who rides it though...
  18. +1
    Had mine off the dial on the open road :oops: I mean track :wink:
  19. Haha! I think I bought my bike off the guy on the Yamaha. Let's hope he didn't do that on my bike! Hilarious...
  20. Irresponsible - yes, but poor buggers. Can only take that one block of fun...

    See you out on the track Sunday, Vinnie O:)